Monday, June 4

diggin'!!! :)


i'm really excited about this blog..even though nobody is reading it...yet? haha. 

QUESTION: have you ever been on an UKAY UKAY? 

some ladies and gents thought about wearing used or second-hand clothes is gross, unhygienic and just downright wrong because of reasons like those clothes: (plus my own answers)

1. are from dead people 
-whatttt?? at least the dead are not in the clothes anymore XD wahahaha. 

2. are dirty. i'll get rashes, allergies and stuff
-hey girls..try washing the ukay clothes before using them :) try with hot water and soak them overnight if your skin is sensitive..but i normaly just wash them in the washing machine.

3. ugly
-practice digging and increase your patience. ugly clothes tend to be left behind coz their not that appealing. don't worry new arrivals come soon.

4. are not branded
-uhmmm...try looking in if there are new arrivals. i'm sure you'll find brands like ZARA, M&S, DOROTHY PERKINS, G2000, etc.

5. are cheap...that means it will affect my status symbol
-its all about the attitude :)

well..those are their opinion. if you agree with them then its okay. your idea of the ukay is clearly not that good but i'm here to let you know that there are also good i mean very good points on why you should try exploring in some of the ukay ukay.

some of my friends from the Our Lady of Fatima Parish (ate jhing, sarah, joyce, angeli, aly, joy, eshai and ram) and i are fans of the UKAY-UKAY biz going on here in the country. 

i don't know about you guys..but there are really good finds (clothes, shoes, bags) in those "uk stores" ,as we like to call them, if in case you have a small clothing allowance or you just don't wanna spend a lot of money on garments.

my girl pals are experts in finding good items in those store but i must say that we did numerous practices just to perfect the craft of "digging." its sooo fun to shop with your girlfriends because you can all play "find the hidden treasures" in those racks for hours. and ukay stores are clustered together so you can also check the other stores for sales and other bargains. 

WARNING: if you have  a boyfriend, close guy friend, or a hubby, i really don't recommend that you bring him with you unless he also loves to shop. there is little love between men and ukay stores. believe me. i have been with my boyfriend, boy friends, and brothers in those stores and we all ended up quite angry at each other because the ladies still wanna roam around and shop while the boys are outside the store pretty much resenting the fact that they agreed going with you. :) sorry boys.

so..i just want to share with you some of the clothes that i wore that came from the ukay. maybe once you looked at my photos you might wanna try going in one someday. enjoy and i'll write to you guys soon! :)

shoes :) only 100php

sequined top: 65php

blue polo shirt: 85php

black dress: 50php
i wore this during our MedNyt and i won face of the night with this dress! :)

hanging out with the girls
this gray top is a Dorothy Perkins bought it for like 60php
oh the girl in with is Eshai :) the future engineer. haha

violet gown :)

gray shirt and shorts only 185php

thanks for reading!  if you have any comments or suggestions just follow me here on blogger. :)

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  1. lot of actresses, nag-uukay din naman :)
    Sosyal version lang sila. I love your blog :)