Saturday, June 30

blog haul 2


i know its been a while since the last time i wrote to you guys. i have been busy doing school stuff. *peace!

YESTERDAY: we had our very 1st long exam in Pathology. in my own evaluation, i think i did pretty i celebrated my so-called success by shopping in one of my favorite UKAY stores near my home. :) hahaha. its along Evangelista St. and right across the 7/11 (EDSA end). other landmarks would include Mang Inasal and Reyes Haircutters. XD

the store was on sale! yey! i got these items:

1. first is this tank top. its not really orange like in the picture but more of a neon coral. :) its 40pesos

2. an sheer animal printed top for 40php

 3. this baggy rich purple top is for 40pesos

 4. polka-dotted long sleeves for 50 pesos

 5. a bossini "Fashion Tee" for 50pesos

[ i love wearing baggy clothes. :)]

 6. last is a navy blue blouse with very cute butterflies and glittering details for 75 pesos.

[see how cute is that!]

i spent about 300 pesos for 6 tops. :) i hoped to get a discount for the tank tops but i guess sweet talkin' the sales clerk did not work for me today. :)) 

thanks for reading! i hope you'll get inspired to go DIGGIN soon! 

shine! :)

Sunday, June 24


she doesn’t really need much in a relationship, SHE JUST WANTS TO FEEL LIKE SHE MATTERS TO YOU.

-is that too much to ask for? :(

Saturday, June 23

class mammalia. :)

hey there! :)

earlier today me and my dad went to Bambang and bought some medical equipment that i needed for school, i decided to wear this:

  • neon green sleeveless/spaghetti top = 55php

  • zebra-printed cropped top = 55php
  • and i wore my elephant necklace from 3KFashion = 90php

  • worn/torn/ denim shorts. :) 
  • black belt
  • mustard flats

if you look close enough you'll notice that the mixed prints and the accessory are from the Class Mammalia (zebra, elephant, leopard) under Kingdom Animalia. :) #biomajors! haha.

and the clothes that i'm wearing are all from the UKAY! ahahaha except the shoes and necklace. [Try DIGGIN!]

COMMENT: this outfit turned a lot of heads in Bambang, idk if i looked weird or they just liked the easy breezy look. hahaha. anyway, i was comfortable and i did not feel sweaty or hot. to think that we were roaming the streets at 2pm. *yikes! 

okay. gotta go!

thanks for reading!

shine! :)

Thursday, June 21

golden glitter-blobs and sweet confections. :)


last Wednesday was the official "WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL" day. sorry, summer is over but fun is never too far behind. this week as in full blast! school starts (for most of us), a concert and father's day all in the same weekend! busy busy busy :)

last week was also another chance to put together some outfits :)

first stop: june 13, 2012

june 13, wed. 
1st day of school, wind is a little bit nippy, so during the concert dry-run i decided to wear:
  • a light white long sleeves with cute little golden circles- from ukay (55php)
  • my Mudd dark blue denims- from SM
  • a neutral colored belt- a gift from ate Jhing. :)
  • an original Seiko 5 Automatic watch- inherited it from Lola Ganda

2nd stop: june 16, sat.
BRACE THE ROOF: parish concert was held this day. i was a performer as well as a member of the technical team. :)

with daddy uli (sounds)

in performing "Lean on Me" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" i wore:
  • a sheer coral and green dress from The Ramp- its a gift from my aunt last Christmas. (does it remind you of candies and parfaits?)
  • i'm also sporting my new KeroKeroppi backpack from Sanrio
  • earrings from: 3KFashion (add them on Facebook)
me and A with Fr. Dojie :)

with soon to be RN, Epoy.

well got to get back studying!
i'll write to you guys soon!
shine! <3

Tuesday, June 12

shine! :)

good evening everyone! :)

FYI: i'm starting my 1st day of 2nd year in med school tomorrow. (insert: mixed emos here)

so i'm kind of taking a leave of absence from the blogging world every now and then. 

this year, horror stories about pharmacology and pathology have been unleashed by numerous upper class men, so i really want to focus on my studies and really STUDY. haha. i've been saying that a lot lately so help me God! i really do want to be a good doctor in the future.

nevertheless, i know i'm still gonna update this blog. i hope you guys would still find the time to visit me here and read my posts about my outfits, ukay haul, insights and daddy's home cooked meals. 

so girls and boys i also want to thank you for checking my page during  the summer. i became really excited and fulfilled as i saw my views has gotten into a thousand! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

finally i've been thinking a lot about the "signature" closing remarks for my blog. i found this really just now as i read my mom's Didache. 

one word: SHINE. 

shine with the Lord Jesus by doing good deeds towards one another. be good to each other my dear friends. 

i'll write to you soon!

for the mean time, shine! <3

cooking with daddy leo edition 4

mabuhay! :)

happy independence day my fellow Pinoys!

since this is the day of our freedom, daddy decided to make something special: SPARE RIBS and BBQ PORKCHOPS with BAKED GARLIC POTATOES AND CARROTS and CORN. plus his bbq maple syrup completes the meal.

here are some pictures:


its also Alysa Salen's (LE WANDER WOMAN) birthday! happy happy birthday sis! we love you! <3
please wish her well. :) thank you!

Monday, June 11

Saturday, June 9


hey foodie! :)

Yorkshire Pudding is a dish from (where else? haha) YorkshireEngland. It is made from a batter and usually served with roast meat and gravy.

don't be scared of the name. its so easy to make. i just learned how to make it this morning :D

what you need: 
  1. 1 cup of Pancake mix or 1 cup of all purpose flour- in our case we mixed the two of them together because using only the pancake mix makes it too sweet while the flour makes it bland.
  2. 2 eggs
  3. milk
  4. salt for tasting
  5. butter or lard or margarine- we used butter
  6. olive oil (optional)
  7. a bowl, a whisk
  8. aluminum muffin cups or muffin trays
  9. an oven 250C 

IMPORTANT: pre-heat the oven first to 250 degrees Celsius.  we need the oven to be HOT!. :D

1st- mix the Pancake mix and 1 egg in a bowl. mix it. then add milk. 
*the amount of milk depends on what consistency you want your batter to achieve.

2nd- mix the 3 ingredients together with a whisk. add more milk if you want the batter to be "running" 

3rd- set the batter aside and prepare your muffin cups on a tray. 
now you can add butter in each of the cups.
you can also add a dash of olive oil for additional flavor.

4th- put the tray in the oven to heat the cups to 250 degrees.

5th- take the tray out and pour the batter in the hot cups. 

6th- return the tray w/the YP batter in the cups inside the oven for 20 mins.
DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN to peek. wait for 20 minutes. 
the batter might not rise if you open the oven prematurely.

7th- after 20 mins. take the tray out. *tenen! you're done! :O

this pudding is delicious with gravy and roasted meat but you can try it with different variations.

enjoy! :)

black and blue

hey guys! :)

LAST NIGHT: me and my boyfriend, Aaron had dinner at Shakey's and dessert at McCafe. :)

i decided to wear this: 

here are more photos from last night:

dinner: 2 kinds of pizza (Pizza Bianca and the *new Castella)
a basket of chicken and mojos

dessert: rocky road bar 
blueberry cheesecake
dalandan smoothie
double choco frappe

the chocolate king :O

here's a little "doubleA style"

aaron's style is very different from mine. he loves whites compare to my darker shades of choice, plus he seemed formal and crisp while i am more of a street and casual, but that seemed to complement our way of dressing up. <3  what can i say opposite attracts. :) and he RARELY wears clothes from ukay. hahahaha. 

  • blue polo from Rafael
  • gray denim pants from Human
  • white shoes from Wade

thank you for reading! :)

write to you soon! <3

cooking with daddy leo edition 2

lunch time! :)

hey guys, just wanna share what our family cooked for today's lunch.

i don't know what to call it but its Roasted Beef with gravy, roasted baby potatoes and carrots (with herbs), sauteed corn and green peas and YORKSHIRE PUDDING! :)

yum! :)

*burp! have a happy lunch!

Friday, June 8

cooking with daddy leo edition 1

good pm guys! :)

FYI: last month my mama has started to work for a real estate company in Timog. since then she has been very busy from morning 'till night. usually mama's cooking lunch and dinner but for now that task was passed on to daddy leo, the chef. :O

today we cooked this dish: bland boiled chicken plus savory sauce made from olive oil, soy sauce, vinegar and chives and onion. oh! plus a little ginger and sugar. 

adding daddy Leo-style Yang Chow rice and homemade Chop Suey....hmmm...yummmy!!!! 

have a happy lunch! :)

trick of the trade

hello diggers! :)

i'm back with a few more tips about one of my favorite hobbies, diggin', in tagalog mag-ukay-ukay.

let's say that you've started to buy things from the uk stores and you have been addicted because in comparison to malls and tianges, uk stores are still very cheap that you can buy a lot of clothes for a fraction of the money you usually spent on shopping.

however not all clothes from the uk stores are in good condition, so let me share a few tricks that i've learned after spending years in shopping the uk stores.

its okay to have a closer inspection of the things you are to buy form those stores. even though the items are cheap, you'd still wanna spend you money wisely.
  • if buying tops: check the armpits, buttons, seams, texture, sequins, detail, metal work. 
NOTE: if the blouse or tip is missing a button, try going to Carolina's and look for similar buttons. or if you like you can make your own adjustments.

you can even change the whole set of buttons. :) be creative!
  • pants: check the length and fit. you can always have it altered later.
  • shoes: sometimes the uk stores have shoes that seemed brand new (specially in Baguio City) but most of the time the shoes, comparing brand new ones, are worn and in not so good conditions. size ranges are from 5-9 (in my experience)
NOTE: check the sole first to see of the shoe is still intact. also look at the straps (if there's any). check if the adjustment works properly.
  • bags: i haven't bought a bag in an ukay store before but they are selling signature and non-signature bags. timing is everything. if the LV is for you then you'll sure to find it. :)
i hope some of these tips help. :) these are just from my experience and i would just like to share them with you. :)

thank you for reading and spending time here!

write to you guys soon! :O

Wednesday, June 6

the plantar aspect

the foot.

it has 2 important functions:

  1. support the body weight
  2. serve as a lever to propel the body forward when walking and running
to think about it our feet carry us anywhere we want to go and where we need to go. its very strong, as it holds the full weight of the person, and it can also adapt itself in uneven surfaces with the help of joints, muscles and ligaments.

imagine a lever. only our foot's structure is made up of segments of bones connected together by strong ligament. so its like a segmented lever.

in order for our foot's structure to hold the weight..God made 3 arches. let's call them Meddy, Longi, and Transvee or MLT.

these arches distribute the weight of the person on the heel (sakong) and 6 other points in the foot. making it easier for us to walk, run, skip, hop, etc.

see the importance of our foot? :)

that's why we need comfy footwear to keep us standing up. 

after the long intro...i'm just writing a blog about some shoes that i own. a review about a certain brand of shoes. :)

MAY 14, 2012: i bought 2 pairs of shoes at SM Makati with my boyfriend. it was a bargain. 2 pairs for 399 pesos. immediately, i thought, i should grab a pair!!! its like 200php for each shoe, where can i get that kind of deal in high-end Makati?

plus i was looking for black flats since last year. i couldn't find one. so when i saw the sale and saw the black flats..i was helpless...need to geeettttt iiiittt!!! =))

here are my 2 choices: one in black and the other in mustard

when i got them..i was really excited to wear these. trying them out in the mall, i really thought they are comfortable.

LATER: when the hours pass by...since this kind of shoe has no arch to support you foot, it kinda hurts and i've experience lactic acid fermentation (pulikat, ngalay) hehehe. 

BUT! since i got them on such low price, i think its alright for errands, short walks, church practices, malling. anything! i wore mine in 2 weddings, a birthday party, going to Manila, going to school. :) *sulit!

if you're not comfortable and you feel pain then maybe wearing this kind of shoe in short engagements will do. :)

thank you for reading this blog. :) 

i'll write to you soon! :O

that tangerine top :)

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” 
hello guys! :)

its me again..for my daily-blog-before-school-starts. XD

not knowing what this day has in store for me, i decided to wear something with a pop of color. :) maybe i thought just in case my day isn't going according to plan i'd still be in a good, sunny mood. 

SPOILER: it turned out G-R-E-A-T! :)

[i normally wear blacks, dark blues, grays, pastels, earth tones]

i found this top recently in an uk store near our home for 55 php



strap detail

strap detail 2

then i decided to wear it like this:

  • with a beige blaze (also from an uk store 135php)
  • dark olive green pants (unica hija, on sale, for 250php)
  • black flats (SM, 2 pairs for 399php)
plus a bag:

my mom gave it to me (from a garage sale, 100php)

i'm done! i don't wear to much accessories but i do lovveeeee <3 earrings! 
plus my ring <3

i'm wearing earrings from Forever 21
(see the bronze stud on my left ear?)

i don't wear make up as well. hehe.

in this outfit i did 2 things:

  1.  enrolled for my second year in medicine. (yey!)
  2. got my PRC license. (*double yey!)
COMMENTS: its a good thing i wore this ensemble at around 7-11 am. to think that i'm going to places with OUT AC. (tiis ganda?) the blazer is fine during the morning but exceeding hours after 11...its gonna be hot hot hot! :) just a reminder.

i hope you've enjoyed this blog!

write to you soon! :O

professional teacher: CHECK! :)

hello! :)

yey!!!! a year after graduation i've finally earned my PRC LICENSE. 

*whew! praise the Lord, Hallelujah! 

i would like to thank the following sponsors: 

  • my kuya Jes, my Lord and Savior. :)
  • daddy and mama, ken and kai
  • tita gay
  • lolo pogi
  • padz
  • aaron <3
  • ate jhing
  • lonsky
  • atty. rivas
  • epoy
  • chubs and ninong
  • mami joyce and dadi uly
  • sis and bro
  • mr and mrs lardizabal
  • ate iah, my christine
  • nanay tina
  • totoy :)
  • fami family 
  • lenpot and bebe miel
  • renzie and chimby
  • Rondalla
  • doc brian limson- mentor :)
  • prof eisha fernandez
  • mam eden and sir tito
  • mam GEN! :)
  • sir ymman :) 
  • TIBALYAW 2007
  • abby bayonito, klang bautista
  • xempre BSBT '11- we did it guys!!!!
kapag wala po kayo d2 it doesn't mean na you're not important its just that these people and organizations made my college life worthwhile :)

may God bless you guys! :O thank you!!!

Tuesday, June 5

blog haul 1

hello pals! :) 

i'm back for my second blog of the day. 

as i've said in my last blog that there's a sale in an uk store in Pasay, i couldn't resist going in. ha! if my mom was there, we'll be shopping for hours.

the sale was amazing! i got so many bargains. 
-7 tops. :) 
-2 dresses 

for only 500 php. :O :e

here are the clothes. :) (maybe i'll post some pictures when i get to wear them..soon)


the 1st dress. :)



top 3

dress 2





thank you for reading! :)