Thursday, June 21

golden glitter-blobs and sweet confections. :)


last Wednesday was the official "WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL" day. sorry, summer is over but fun is never too far behind. this week as in full blast! school starts (for most of us), a concert and father's day all in the same weekend! busy busy busy :)

last week was also another chance to put together some outfits :)

first stop: june 13, 2012

june 13, wed. 
1st day of school, wind is a little bit nippy, so during the concert dry-run i decided to wear:
  • a light white long sleeves with cute little golden circles- from ukay (55php)
  • my Mudd dark blue denims- from SM
  • a neutral colored belt- a gift from ate Jhing. :)
  • an original Seiko 5 Automatic watch- inherited it from Lola Ganda

2nd stop: june 16, sat.
BRACE THE ROOF: parish concert was held this day. i was a performer as well as a member of the technical team. :)

with daddy uli (sounds)

in performing "Lean on Me" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" i wore:
  • a sheer coral and green dress from The Ramp- its a gift from my aunt last Christmas. (does it remind you of candies and parfaits?)
  • i'm also sporting my new KeroKeroppi backpack from Sanrio
  • earrings from: 3KFashion (add them on Facebook)
me and A with Fr. Dojie :)

with soon to be RN, Epoy.

well got to get back studying!
i'll write to you guys soon!
shine! <3


  1. sis! you have a better outfit photo saken! :) i'll send it to your email :)

  2. naks! :) andito pala ko. hahaha! thanks Kim!