Sunday, September 30


hello guys! :)

are you an aspiring director or future videographer? or just so into making videos as a hobby?

then this conference is just for you! :)

FAST FORWARD 2012  is the biggest videography conference in Manila designed to motivate and push video production as a craft. The conference will feature 7 of the countries top video artists who will cover various video production disciplines. A unique event to share the passion and experiences of a career in directing, shooting, and editing a video.
featuring JASON MAGBANUA and MAYAD STUDIOS, both  philippines' prime wedding videographers and internationally renowned artists, as speakers of the event. 

what are you waiting for? i am sure that this event will be worth it. :) 

please check out their website on the link below.


looking forward in seeing you guys!


Tuesday, September 25

padz' new home.☼

our lady of the most blessed sacrament. padz' new home with his new flock, new adventures. only one jeepney-ride away from us. :) 

on the 21st of september was Padz' installation as the new parish priest of our lady of the most blessed sacrament, it was also his 15th sacerdotal (w/Fr. Ed). 

we attended the mass headed by the archbishop of Manila, Bishop Luis Antonio Tagle along with other priests from 2 vicariates (St. Joseph, the Worker, and Sta. Clara de Monte Falco)

here are some pictures :)

altar of OLTMBS.☺
us with Padz. :)
we will be visiting him soon. :) and always praying for him. 

Monday, September 24

meet Fr. Edison.☺

hello people!

its been so long since i've updated my blog due a ton of reasons (mainly: lack of time) but i'm back. :) 

so this post is about the 15th sacerdotal anniversary our new parish priest, Rev. Fr. Edison Escario. 

 just in case you don't know what "sacerdotal" meant, well it is the special day when a man was ordained to be a priest. Padz (Rev. Fr. Dojie Asuncion) and Fr. Ed were classmates in the same seminary and share the same sacerdotal, September 20. 

the OLFP Events Team and the PPC were in charge of this event. it was held in our brand new parish church extension. *yey! remember the concerts held during the summer. all the proceeds were for the building of the extension. all of that singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and stuff were worth it. :)

here are some of the photos of that day, enjoy! :)

table arrangements by OLFP Events :)
Fr. Ed with ate jhing, angeli and me :)
first ever kulitan moment with Fr. Ed :) plus Bebe Frances
A, me, bebe and kuya Leo. :)
with Mr. Bean...uhmmm...i mean CHIMBY! :)
baby Jari!♥
with my Maestro.♥

For Ate Jhing's:
Blue Printed top
Dark skinnies
Studded heels
Silver Chandelier Earring

Plain White Dress- Petit Monde
Black Belt
Black Peep-toe flats- Monobo
*nevermind the hanky on the belt hahahah!
what i love about my dress:
  1. it has those big, puffy sleeves that could emphasize my broad shoulders BUT take note of the cut (faint yellow line on the sleeves) that gives the illusion of breaking the usual straight neck line and thus giving me a proportional shoulder.
  2. the dress came with a belt that gave me a waist. PS. i don't have one hahaha. i'll try investing on peplum skirts. :P
  3. lastly, it was my dad who pick out this dress for me. :)
so there you have it. sorry for the long post but i hope you guys could send me a feedback :) thank you for stopping by!

eaec medicine 2015...a letter

Dear EAEC Medicine Batch 2015,

Hello future doctors. How is everybody doing in there. I really do hope you guys are fine and triumphantly surviving the near-end of the semester. I am praying for each and everyone of you so stay strong. :)

I have been evading to say goodbye to you guys just because i think it will be unfair for you guys to be thinking about me leaving while you are already having too much important things to be worried about. Truly, i am really sorry for not saying goodbye. I don't like to think it will be the end of our friendship. Plus i don't want to cry. :( haha. Please understand that i am not leaving because i lost my desire to become a doctor, the dream still lives people, its just that i'm having troubles with myself. 

Its like i woke up one morning and realized that i don't wanna come to school anymore. Finances in my family is also becoming an issue.  Need to work for my lunch money because i personally think that it will help my dad save some of his hard-earned money for his retirement. He is not geting any younger and he's already feeling the pains of being fifty. 

Studying medicine while working on the side is quite impossible. So i just decided to stop for a while. :) i'll be bouncing back next year so don't worry, i'll graduate the year after you guys will. 

I also wanted to say THANK YOU to you. Yes, you. For making my life in eac dynamically colorful.  I may not be there with you physically but know that i will never forget you. I will forever be your friend. :)

I love you guys and i will miss you. I already do. :') 

Write to you guys soon!


Monday, September 3

geli's treat! :)


its officially septemBER!!! *yey! the BER months are finally here and counting the days before Christmas started. you'll never get too old for Christmas, what ever you do there is always that little flicker of excitement inside when ever the season of giving and wishing goodwill to all mankind is drawing near. :)

september 1 was really good to me :) for Angeli or Geli (A's sister) treated us at UNO. its a pizza place-bar at MOA. :) [with Jerick, Tito Tony, Tita Agie, and A]
UNO's set up. :)
activities of the night! :)
here are few photos of the food available at that cool place. :) 
Buffalo wings, Fish and Chips, Pizza and a red sauce pasta.
we also had Caesar's Salad and Carbonara
after dinner we strolled along the bay area and saw a lot of fun activities to do plus rides and even a street show from talented performers. :) then for dessert Geli bought us milk teas from Chatime! :)  

we had a very nice night together. :) i hope there will be lots more to come.

SHOUT OUT to Geli: thanks for the dinner and milktea! :) plus the bonding time you shared with us.♥ sa uulitin kami naman ni Aaron ang taya. hahaha :)

thanks for reading! 


a weekend @ the peninsula. :)

hello guys! :) 

well to start this entry i kinda missed school today due to GIT problems. :( now i'm a bit better. :)

sooo...last weekend i stayed at the Peninsula Manila with the family. :)

blessings truly come right on time and with God's will. i never expected something like this to happen during the week. i was told just last thursday that we will be spending the weekends at a luxurious 5-star hotel. :)

also during that day i was surprised by a huge mob of commuters especially students studying in manila who were crowding EDSA-Taft, only to discover that there was an accident in the LRT. sad. praying for that poor woman.

thank you Lord for that day, i got to enjoy the last day of August with my family. :) i could not think of any other way of ending this blessed month!

here are some photos from that weekend. :)
here i am having afternoon tea @ The Lobby with dad and mama
what i wore to Manila Pen. :)
nothing too fancy.
  • little miss teacher shirt from The Perfect White Shirt
  • colored denim- from ukay 
  • Tom's flats
okay....i did some school work during the night hehe
kai with his burger. :) room service haha!
i ordered chicken cordon bleu :)
me and mama :)

the lobby :)
for breakfast we dined at Escolta. :) it was a buffet with food choices from the Philippines and other international countries. *yum!

overall staying at the Manila Pen was a delight! if you have the time to drop by and have a meal at the lobby then please do. you won't regret it. :)

if you wish to look for more info about the hotel then click on the link below: 

thanks for reading! :)


Saturday, September 1

REVIVE! :) the 2012 medicine night

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results. :)
that is my thought for the week. :) you see i've been complaining a lot about the school and other activities of the college but it seemed that it does not help me reach my goals. sorry kim. haha! but once i'd put my mind and effort (positive thinking) in finishing all of my task then that's the time that i'll accomplish everything. hooray! 

okay i'll stop with the blabbering and get on with the real deal. 

last saturday, despite of the busy schedule of exams and tons of readings, we celebrated or welcomed rather the newest members of the EAEC College of Medicine held at Spotlight (a function hall near Alphaland, Magallanes). Catering was done by Queensland and a mobile bar with unlimited shots and non-alcoholic drinks available for everybody above 18 that's for sure! :) and oh, the photo booth from Juan Click Photo Booth. so everything was set and we had the time of our lives!!! 

here are few photos :) 

with Sagar and Utsav

here with Sital, these guys (above) were with me at the registration booth. :) 
with A.♥
with the future doctors. :)
  • black baggy/layered top- from ukay. :) 
  • black tights
  • black boots from Forever 21
and to complete my look i wore eyeliner and blush! haha (ate jhing would have been proud of me because i am wearing make-up!) :]

so that's it for this post! thanks for visiting!