Friday, August 24

Shopping is a woman thing...

....It's a contact sport like football.  Women enjoy the scrimmage, the noisy crowds, the danger of being trampled to death, and the ecstasy of the purchase.  ~Erma Bombeck


time to shop @ Amparo's RTW! :)

ate Glaiza and ate Sarah looking at clothes

ate Glaiza and ate Sarah (holding out a blue cardigan)

we were with 2 other girls (ate Cat and ate Micah) but was able to only take 4 photos. maybe next time we'll shop again together. :)

Thursday is DATE night!♥

helloooo!!! :)

one of my favorite part of our relationship is the impulsive "c'mon let's eat here" moments so last thursday, A and i decided to head to Park Square, Makati to have some burger's at Wendy's. :) 

why there? to study after dinner. :) my cousin Zyg told me he has spent 6 hours at that particular Wendy's studying. we went there to give it a try because i had my friday Pathology exams and A has his mid-term programs to be passed, timing was perfect!

however we suddenly experience an appetite for some Japanese food.  

good thingwas just nearby. :)

Just in case you guys haven't heard about them: 

Yoshinoya had been around the Philippines when i was still in grade school (almost 10 or so years ago). They are known for their “beef rice bowl” or gyudon. 

accoriding to Yoshinoya's gyudon is made from a traditional 100 year old recipe and is simmered in a special broth of herbs and spices. that's why its comparable to the Yoshinoya beef rice bowl in Japan! ^-^

living by their motto, "CHEAP, QUICK AND YUMMY," A and i had a sumptuous and filling dinner that was within the budget range of 2 students. :) 

we ordered two of their Jumbo plates: A got Jumbo plate A that's Beef + Chicken Teriyaki while i got C, Beef + Tempura. *yum! plus an order of Grilled Maki and 2 large green teas. 

for dessert @ Wendy's
i got coffee, A got his Kitkat Frostee. :)

smile! :))

  • Bossini purple pull-overs
  • Black leggings from the Landmark
  • Black flats from SM
  • Seiko V Automatic watch
*sigh! at last exams are over (for now) and i couldn't thank the Lord enough for getting me through it all. 

thank you for stopping by and reading! :) come back soon!


Tuesday, August 21

make a little room for IMPROVEMENT. :)

exam week is coming up. err...3 major exams in 3 days. talk about burning my neurons to the limit. *sigh. as a student we can do nothing but comply to these rules. i'm quite done for microbiology but pharma and pathology seemed light years away! but...i live by the rules, God has His reasons why things happen. so have a little faith. :) everything will be according to His plan. Amen.
yesterday was a blessing of rest and quality time with my mom and 2 titas from Bulacan. i got one day in this 4 day vacation devoted to one of my favorite thing to do in the world and that was DIGGIN' :)

i know that i have already established that most of my clothes come from these kind of thrift stores and i have proved that you can actually find very good items in one store alone through blogging. 

little did i know that my relatives are reading the blog and are kinda interested in diggin' as well, so they came all the way from Bulacan (a province north of manila) just to visit the ukay stores in Pasay to look for outfits including bags and shoes! funny to some but pretty wise decision for me. :) 

again, if there is a Sale in an ukay store 100pesos is enough to get a complete outfit. :)

here's some proof:

this was taken in a fitting room in one of the stores in pasay. hehe. just so you know :P
  • i found this oxblood lace skirt- for 50php
  • a white top- 50php
  • leggings and flats are mine :))

a Giordano, sleeveless top for 55php

laced-racer back top = 55php

this one is only for 20php :))

pants for 35php

striped skirt for 20php

a Wenko cardigan for 50php

and i also bought a pair of suede boots (thanks to mama!) and a cute chambray flats. :) 

me: busy admiring these. got it for 180 php :)

so that's it. :) writing for this blog and finding out many of you liked it makes me really happy.  and i will strive more in order to improve this blog. :) *promise! i just wanna say:


Monday, August 20

spotted! :)


just wanna share something funny. :) 

STORY: as i checked my Facebook earlier this evening, i saw a a wall post from a student of mine.

TRANSLATION (for my foreign friends)
hi! ma'am Kim Acosta!
How are you? i saw you in the ukay stores.

hahahaha. =) ooopppss! spotted shopping @ an UKAY-UKAY store! t'was really funny and i kinda miss my students. :(

well, i might bump one of them in an ukay store someday. :)

well that's it. hehe.

have you started diggin'? :)


Sunday, August 19

diggin' finds: the accumulation. :)

hello! :)

its been a month and surely i did some diggin' but was unable to post them here. sorry. 

if you guys are still looking for reasons to dig, well i have 3 new reasons:

  1. Amparo's RTW- has started segregating their authentic branded clothes from the rest. it was really convenient because if you're a type of gal who loves ZARA, MISS SIXTY, H&M, BURBERRY, A/X, ESPRIT (just some of the brands available) then this store is just for you! plus the branded clothes are really in good condition. if you're to visit the store then these brands are on pink hangers. :)
  2. SALE! SALE! SALE!- everything and EVERY STORE in Libertad, Pasay was on sale! from shoes to bags, tops, jackets, dresses. you have a wide variety to choose from. last friday my mom bought like a whole new wardrobe. :))
  3. FOR LESS- as i've always said. your moolah will go a long way in these kind of stores. :)'s what i've bought from July-August. :)

idk the brand but it shinny and i love it. :)

club monaco cardigan :)

H&M cardigan.

a boyfriend blazer in beige
baby pink raglan sleeved top. from a Korean brand

Korean brand The Neal Laced top
here's an aqua blue knitted sweater :) i've paired ot with my fave dark blue skinny and black monobo flats.

for me its not about how much the clothes cost or where were they bought, if wearing them makes you happy and confident then GO flaunt it. 

fashion is a reflection of your personality. like you, its unique and beautiful. :)express it and inspire others to do so. :)


experiment on going... :)

testing, testing. :)

i've seen a lot of girls wearing colored jeans and i thought, "how would i wear one if ever i had a chance?" 

i think i would stay on the dainty and classic style that i've always liked. :)

pastel color scheme. :)

  • Belle old rose heels- got it for 400 pesos in Amparo's RTW, one of my fave ukay stores. :)
  • purple jeans- from WIP
  • mint green with white lace peter pan collar top- from the Landmark

 pastel color blocking? hahahaha. maybe. 


late night at Marciano's. :)

last night my family, A and i went to see the Expendables 2 (w/c is by the way a great cool movie!) @ Greenbelt 3, however the movie's scheduled at 12midnight, we were there by 10:30pm. 

what to do on that spare time? :) EAT!

since my mom and one of my brother (Ken) have not yet eaten dinner, we sought Marciano's Pizza. Pasta. Steak.  :)

A and i saw this place 2 weeks ago and decided to have dinner in there sometime during our long-anniversary celebration. from outside, you can see the red-black-white vintage themed set up they got and it's really attractive and appealing to a foodie just like me!

we ordered the following from their menu:

  • Tiffany's Breaded Mozzarella 
  • Annie Hall Salad
  • West Side Four Seasons Pizza
  • Ellis Island Oysters
  • Charlie Chaplin 3 Cheese Burger
  • All Chocolate Ice cream
  • Peach Almond Torte
everything tasted delectable and the ambiance was cozy, warm and alluring. fit for a classic Hollywood-inspired night out. 

plus the crew is really nice. :) plus points to you guys at Marciano's!!!

here are some pictures that we took:

ken and kai 

A, Tita Gay and me

my tita gay and me again :)

A and me :)

all chocolate ice cream :) guess who ordered it. :))))

peach almond torte with tita gay :)

good food + action packed movie + gummy bears + A's surprise letter for me at the end of the day = HEAVEN!!!

i hope you'd found your special formula of heaven too!


Friday, August 17


a love song for Aaron. :)

Got something to keep us together.♥

its our (A and moi's) special month. :) here in the Phil we celebrate months of being together or monthsaries and this last tuesday, the 14th day of this month we celebrated our 24th month together!

i wore this on our date last tuesday :)

  • a sparkly olive green long top- ukay
  • printed bandeau from Genevieve Gozum
  • black leggings
  • Monobo jelly shoes (black)
(image from

since the 14th was a weekday and heavy rain was falling, we decided to just have burgers at 

i will be posting other pictures of our celebration soon! :)


Tuesday, August 14

what's been cookin'? :)

hello! :) 

its been too long since i've posted some of the food my dad made.

if you guys missed this part of my blog then its your lucky day for i will be unveiling more of daddy leo's delicious home cooked meals. 

DISH no. 1 "Baked Chicken ni Lola Ganda"

-this was my lola ganda's (daddy leo's mom) recipe. 
-it includes baked chicken and macaroni in rich creamy white sauce topped with cheddar cheese. 
-served with toast bread and iced tea.

 DISH no. 2 "Beef Burger and Chef Leo's Salad"

-made from lightly seasoned grounded beef patty.
-for the salad there are lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and sweet corn kernels.
-the salad dressing was from Japan, a savory sesame salad dressing.

(look how happy we are! :))

DISH no. 3 "The Long Awaited Lasagna"

-we have been planning to make this dish for almost a decade. :) now it became a reality.
-its made from lasagna (pasta), layered with red meat sauce, bechamel sauce, and slices of MOZZARELLA cheese! *yahoooo! topped with more mozzarella and baked in the oven.

DISH no. 4 "Nachos"

-this is a simple recipe made from tortillas, chili, onions, pickles, and cheese! :)

DISH no. 5 "Pata-tim" 

-is a delicious meal made from pork hind leg (pata), mushrooms, baby corn, pechay in thick yummy sauce.

DISH no. 6 "Spicy Gambas"

-i was the one who actually made this dish in supervision of my dad. :)
-its made from mainly shrimp and the sweet-spicy gambas sauce.

i hoped you've enjoyed looking at our dishes because these were made from love. :)



the Philippines was in the headlines for almost a week as a thick cloudy monsoon enveloped the national capital region with heavy rain showers and powerful winds. this said event had punished numerous families and caused them to seek out the relocation centers.

even in our own barangay, they were not spared. families, who are members of the church, from our local settlements were flooded knee-deep and this flood occasionally rises as rain falls. 

this calls for our Social Services Development Ministry  or SSDM to do what they can to help their members.

at 8pm my mama, the SSDM secretary, was called by our 4 titos/uncles (Pol, Deo, Kiko, Lito) to help distribute food at relocation centers. both of us did not hesitate to help even though the rain was casting its fury.

at about 9pm the sopas was finally ready. along with tito Bam, tita Irene and Jason (they are a family who are barangay officials and also devoted members of our parish) we headed to feed the hungry.

here are some pictures while we were at the Sports Complex taken from tito Bam's phone. :)

Jason (wearing a varsity jacket) giving out spoons

mama and tatay Kiko. :)

I have found the paradox that if I love until it hurts, then there is no hurt, but only more love.  ~Mother Teresa
do what you can do to help. the feeling of just seeing them smile at you and say Salamat po ate, (thank you, big sister) is rewarding. :)


raiding the night away. :)

hello everyone! i know its been a long time since my last post. :P forgive me but last week was a historical event for Habagat or monsoon, for the rain ultimately did not cease to fall from Monday until Wednesday causing a dramatic scale of unfortunate events for a Pinoy. 

hope was not lost during these season of turmoil but gained the profound unity of prayer and charity from different people of all sorts and sizes. not only that but the essence of being a Christian endowed everyone. 

after the rain has calmed down some of my friends and i raided a stash of coffee and Energen from our cupboards with sari-saring papay (bread) from Albeth's while reflecting from these phenomena.

a spirit of a Filipino cannot be drowned over a deep flood, mind you. it a lesson for me to find joy in everything and when i say everything i meant EVERYTHING. :)

just like these snapshots of making faces on my webcam :)) haha! enjoy!

i would like to leave this funny slogan i saw on FB. :)

Baha ka lang, Pilipino Ako!