Thursday, February 28

ambrosial February! :P


before anything else let me quote Virginia Woolf. 

“One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” 

true enough, one cannot even bring him/herself to a proper start without food. food is both a physiological and anatomical need of our body for it to function properly; repair damaged tissues, send impulse from this area here to that area way over there, balance our walking, process information, etc. its simply a vital part of your biology.

have you been in a situation where in you are being shunned by one of your friends in a college group work, only to find out later that  particular classmate of yours didn't have lunch or something to it? food can affect one's way of thinking and reasoning that is why if you're hungry grab something to eat! you'll absolutely feel much better! 
just want to share with you guys 2 of the restaurants we have visited this month!

its a Thai fusion resto @ the newly opened Glorietta wing.
perfect combination of a light sweet and spicy Siam cuisine!

the set-up! gotta love it because its HOT PINK!♥

our entree:
top left: its a noddle dish topped with stir-fried chicken and veggies
top right: pork satay, its just like our bbq, but served with curry paste and chopped onions and chili.
bottom left: lemongrass-ginger fusion tea! :) yummy and really refreshing!
bottom right: its a Thai version of fresh spring rolls.

this is my first time in this resto because everytime i wanted to try it out, the lines are just too long!
now i know why.
i really enjoyed my dining!
prices are very reasonable, just try it out. :)

my recommendations:
try the CRUNCHY MAKI (either of the 3)- really mouthwatering!
ebi tempura. :)
teki-udon noodles
and gyoza
they are also serving milk teas! 

having a good meal in anytime of the day is your right as a human being! hahaha!
 my daddy's wisdom is this: "don't think twice about spending money on food. its good to have a nice full meal before you die than going in the afterlife famished!"
i know its a bit brutal but hey that's pretty much true! :) 

here you go! 
have a delightful meal everyone!

Wednesday, February 13

5thingsi♥: V-DAY.♥

hello everyone!

its officially the start of the 2013 Holy Week, this means we have 40 days to repent and to get ourselves ready. :)

let's not forget that valentines day is also tomorrow!♥
yey!!!!'s the deal. not all of us are in a romantic relationship, maybe some are coming from a break up or a tough time in work but who said you can't have FUN? 

for this post i would just like to share with you the things that i'm currently loving that could be a part of your special V-day.♥

- how about skipping Mcdonald's and Jollibee for a day and try BK's burgers instead!

-another new resto to try tomorrow. :) its located at the newly opened wing of Glorietta in front of KFC.
they offer grilled burgers, hotdogs and sausages.
grilling the meat gives a distinct charred flavor that adds to the overall package!
coming here with your girlfriends or even your mom and aunts (like i did) will be fun and also perfect for tomorrow!

3. BONO (artisanal gelato)
-when passing through Glorietta to SM Makati, its impossible to miss this colorful eye candy of a shop!
its my first time here with my brother, Kai and we loved the 1st ever flavor we tried and that's MILK AND CEREAL. 
gotta try more of their fun flavors soon!

plus this gelato comes with a heart-shaped waffle on top! V-DAY PERFECT!♥

4. F21 Basic V-neck shirts
-nothing to wear?
basic pieces are essential key in building a wardrobe, so i got this plain white v-neck shirt (V for valentines!) from Forever21. 
just pair it up with jeans and flats for a effortless look! well, that's just me. hehe.
the price is not bad and i love how super soft it is and its light that makes it perfect for traveling.
TOP- F21
JEANS- Mudd (SM)
BAG- from Thailand
SHOES- Monobo Flats
Watch- Gold Seiko V (again V for V-day hahahha!)
Belt- gift
Necklace- made out of clay; from Cebu

-valentines is not all about having romantic dinners or expensive gifts but its a celebration of love itself. 
simply say, "I love you." mean it and prove it. :)
i'm sure it will make anyone smile.
that's one gift i'd like to receive tomorrow. 

valentines its about GOD. He is love.
have fun tomorrow!

Monday, February 11

BB fever! :)

hello! :)

hey guys! another February week gone and people are in for busy days that are coming up for the start of the Holy Week will be here in just 2 days! we are in a semi-state of pandemonium already; tasks here and there, practices and lectures are almost scheduled side by side, so in order for us "churchmates" to communicate well, we all decided to get the latest in the mobile and post paid plan there is! 
we got this little baby :)

its the new BlackBerry Curve 9220. :) look, i'm no tech-genius but i've got to say its sulit! using BB messenger we didn't need to try so hard to contact one another, plus this phone is also wiFi ready for you to access the internet. the camera is not bad at all and i must say that every app that is already installed in the device is useful!

i'm really glad that we decided to get it! 
if you're looking for a new phone, try a BB. :)
we can't get enough of its amazing features!
i know its quite late for me to be talking about this sort of topic but i'm really just awed with it!
i feel like a little girl again!
i hope you found something to be happy about too!

Monday, February 4

weekend hustle! :)


how are you? i hope everything is fine and cool! its getting warmer and warmer each day as we approach Ash Wednesday, that will be on Feb 13. so my fellow Catholics, prepare the palaspas

its been a busy 1st week of February for me as there was a wedding, voice lessons, and i finally got to watch Les Miserables! yey for me! that was the first movie i've watch this year! thank the Lord that i didn't miss that chance to watch the movie in the big screen, i'll definitely regret it if i did. so many words of compliment that i had in my mind to praise the movie, it will take the whole page, but for this entry i'll simply say, BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! :)

here are some picture of the activity-packed weekend! enjoy!

@the Cuachon's after choir practice with Sir Raffy Balagot


Canaan Celebrations by Jets & Rhona's couple for the week was Christian and Hazel. :) a very lovely and talented couple, who loves basketball so much they made it a theme for their big day! i was assigned at the reception so these are the things i loved so much from this week's wedding. :)
the cake topper was the exact replica of the couple!!! seriously! even the suit and the gown in detail! this was amazing! you could really say that the creators of this put in a lot of effort.

set up at the reception! :)

dinner c/o Hizon's catering.

this NBA inspired bouttoniere was done by etc. :) 


we arrived at the cinema by 8pm and the next and last screening time for LM was 8:30! so we decided to just grab a popcorn plus drinks and have dinner later. when the movie was finished everything in Walter Mart was closed! yikes! haha. 
GOOD THING A and I will eat anything and everything (edible that is)!
we had a super busog dinner for only 201php at Spare Strike!

model ng Coke? =)))

Sizzling Sisig and Crispy Binagoongan! *thumbs up!

i hope you guys had an amazing weekend!
i know i did!
thanks for reading!

Sunday, February 3

COLOR COMBO: baby pink and neutrals


its FEBRUARY!!! the month of love.♥ January had been great! i hope this month will be the same!

so i'll start the post with an OOTD. when i went on an errand last friday, i wore one of the colors that i adore, baby pink! :) this color is soft and makes me think about cotton candy and sweets! :D

the color palette for the look :)

-baby pink knitted top from Ukay
-skinny jeans from Divisoria
-SM flats that costs 2 for 499. :)
-canvass bag (gift from Angeli)
-watch from Swatch

more OOTD to come! :)
thanks for dropping by!