Sunday, December 30

a party for our leaders. :)


i'm officially back and bloggin'! thank you for reading my posts and following this blog!

soo..last December 28, we (with ate Jhing's supervision all the way from New Zealand hehehe) organized a post-Christmas party for our Parish Pastoral Council Members. these people are pillars of our organizations and heads of their own ministry. they have been in service of our Lord Jesus for almost 20 years! no kidding! their commitment and dedication helped the small chapel to grow into its own parish. :)

here are some photos of the event. :)

the registration booth :) Frances and i had this idea of decorating our name tags for the party and since Kai, Jack, and A were there, they've helped us in creating these fun and colorful ID's that our titos and titas loved.  

Fr. Edison with the PPC heads eating their dinner. :)

Bebe, Mart, A, me and Mark 

i love this picture of us! :))

Mart, A, me with Tito Pol and Tito Lito. ;)

the 4 of us plus the chairman of the PPC, Tito Pol Cementina!


Kuya Emman, the head of the Music Ministry, playing Japanese Walk. :) this game was hilarious! even Fr. Ed was laughing hard on his seat while watching 3 groups race for a prize of PANCIT CANTON! yum!

even our elders know how to pose. :)

the 2 hosts of the night! :) good job guys!

Bebe and me with Fr. Edison. :)


Dress: Forever 21 
Belt: Gift from ate Jhing
Shoes: Parisian flats (SM Brand)

thanks for visiting my blog! :)
have a great day!
more posts to come soon!


things that i did since the last post. :P


happy holidays people! i know everybody's busy this december, i know i was since i wasn't able to put up any posts...haha! sorry my bad. :)

anyway..i just want to share photos of the things i was busy about the whole 2 months of being blog-less. :)) 

@ tita Baby Geraldino's Surprise 60th birthday at Jolibee! 

kuya Butch and ate Liezel's wedding. :) 
preps: Frazier's 
church: Sanctuario de San Antonio
reception: North Forbes Pavillion

singing Christmas carols for our fund raising. :)

just a few photos to share with you guys. i hope you all had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year ahead!
i'll write to you soon!


Wednesday, November 28

vanilla cupcake bakery.♥

hello! :)

what a sweet day it has been for me! early Christmas shopping plus biting into a soft, creamy, delicate cupcakes by Vanilla! 

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery is a new cafe/cupcake franchise that would definitely entice your appetite by just looking at their wonderful creations! :)

another plus is the DECOR! too bad i failed to take a picture of the store but you absolutely CAN'T miss it! its in Glorietta 4 walk way to SM, former Kamiseta store. 

here are just samples of their cupcakes! enjoy the yumminess! =0)


Monday, November 26

YC goes to Camp Aguinaldo. :)


yesterday our Youth Choir was invited to sing in a thanksgiving/ ecumenical mass held at Camp Aguinaldo for the Philippine Military Academy Batch 36 (if i'm not mistaken). :) 

the celebration was prepared by Tita Linette's boss, a retired Colonel and the last remaining soul of their batch. he is already 95 years old but looked young, healthy and happy. he even danced the Gangnam Style with Renzie and Kristel. :) 

what touched me the most was when he gave his speech. he thanked everyone who came especially the families of the late heroes of our nation, he said that he will try to be here on earth forever for them, to remember the brave men of his batch by organizing this kind of celebration for them. i really hope he will be. :) 

here are some photos, enjoy! :)

the man behind it all :)

A with JP Laurel. :)
me with E. Aguinaldo. :)


TOP: Dorothy Perkins- got this in an UKAY store for 85php. :)
JEANS: Mudd 
FLATS: Monobo
BAG: from Thailand

thanks for reading!
*shine! :)

Friday, November 16

fastforward: update :)


do you guys remember the post i made last Semptember? :) 

about FAST FORWARD 2012. here's the link just in case you've missed it. :)

oh...the event was fantastically successful!
if i were to give a grade for it, its an A! 

i think i'll never get tired of saying this: i couldn't believe that i met the cream of the crop, the amazing, talented artists, directors and videographers who made their names by doing the things they loved most. all thanks to CANAAN CELEBRATIONS by Jets and Rhona. :)

some of them are the countries best advertising creators and directors. they are the masterminds behind each catchy and unique commercials aired on TV. *sigh. i really couldn't believe to meet them. plus we (the team) got to listen to their lectures! *yey! that's a bonus!

and let's not forget 2 of the renowned wedding videographers, Jason Magbanua and Ms. Sheena from Mayad Studios!!!!!!♥  why am i so excited about them? i'll just make a new post about that.☺

sorry for the long intro. i would just want to give you guys a gist of the event. :P 

here are some of the photos Kuya Jets took from his camera! thanks Kuya Jets!


with Jason Magbanua and ate Diane Reyes (who is also a photographer)

Ms. Sheena, Mayad Studios

eating lunch. ;) with Ate Rhona and Ate Diane

the TEAM! :) w/ Ates Diane, Helen, Ms. Sheena, Ates Sandra and Riza

the Team with AVID LIONGOREN! :) he's very very cool and very funny!

the Team with SID MADERAZO. :)

the Team with ACID HOUSE! :)

with Ate Anne Hilario, and Ate Diane :) 

hope you guys enjoyed the post! 
thank you!

Thursday, November 15

prints on sale! :))


today A and me with a couple of good friends celebrated our 27th month together.♥ yey! another good thing about this day was i got an UKAY blog for you guys!

it was really random...i wanted to look at some ukay stores in Pasay but we were currently in Manila. luckily we passed by Central Station. there in the midst of the crowd stand a humble ukay-ukay. another good thing was THEY WERE ON SALE. :) 

when i was looking at these i realized i haven't got or i have a few floral or paisley patterns on my clothing. i often have those solid dark colored shirts, cardigans and blouses. since i'm feeling kinda girly are the few items i got: 

a pretty beige blouse with floral pattern and pearl buttons (55php)
paisley satin blouse (55php)
acid wash high waist-ed shorts (65php) 
okay this last piece is kind of a wild card. i have never tried printed leg wear or leggings before because they would absolutely make my bottom half a little bigger BUT i could still make it work. :P if not...WHO WANTS THEM? haha

 had a really nice day. lunch with A's chorale-mates, dinner with our two closest friends. :) and a long walk home. loved every minute of it!♥
i hope you guys had a nice Wednesday!


Tuesday, November 13

cooking with daddy leo edition 6


ate daddy's french toast yesterday morning. yum! :)



the queen Bee's 22nd.♥

hello! :)

nice to be back again. so last Saturday, 11-09-12, was Abby's (Abz, Bee, MR) 22nd birthday celebration held at UNO Pizzeria by the sea @MOA. it was like a mini reunion for us. i haven't seen these people for a lonnnngggg time. 

are you wondering why Abby has so many nicknames? haha. that's because she has a very long name: MARY ROSE AVEGAIL VASQUEZ BAYONITO. see? while i got 3 letters for my name. you can even call her rose, well i don't know if some people call her that, but all of us calls her Abby. 

we were together since EVER. :) we started the 1st grade together and we reunited when we were in the 4th grade, went to the same highschool and graduated from the next one we attended. :) i remember our phone calls that would last like forever, talking about crushes, clothes, how to do this and how to do that, what if some guy wanted to hatid at sundo her or me in our homes. something like that. hahaha. the topics are endless. i could even remember me telling her that i would help her plan her dream wedding and design her gown...oh memories of those days are really special. i can talk to her about everything, without her judging me like some kind of freak. :) 

thank you abby for the wonderful night! you know bee, i'm always here for you and the rest of the gang :) it was really nice seeing everyone. to know how their lives have been since high school. well, i hope to get together this coming holidays! i love you to bits Abby!♥

here are some photos:

Bee and Me :)
Kuya Albert (B's kuya), Bee, & Rhii (B's baby sister)
A, me, Lon, Bee, & Rhii
Klang and Bee. :)
Behn, Bee, Klang, Me 
UNO's next TOP MODEL :) haha!
the BOYS w/ the bday girl :) (jethro, lon, laurenze, arvee, geoff, ken & behn)
 PARTY! :)

we really enjoyed the night! thank you Abby! :)
see you soon babe!♥