Thursday, January 31

color combo #1: neutrals and dark green

as i've promised before in my January updates blog i would try my best to share with you some of my ootds. and yes for this month i have one. :) 

ever since i got my Sperry Top-Siders from A last Christmas, i make it to a point that i incorporate it in my wardrobe. that means no more loose shirts, baggy pants and chucks (my typical outfit. :)) so yesterday i wore this:

TOP- SM Surplus
PANTS- Unica Hija (sale for 250)
SHOES- Sperry Top-Sider
BAG- thrifted
ACCESSORIES- Seiko V gold watch 
Gold Beaded Bracelets 

the outfit feels boyish but polished at the same time :) one thing that really love in my closet are my neutrals because they can go with anything! plus i really do love earth tones as this outfit shows. :)
thanks for reading!


going KRAZY over GARLIC! :)

Allium sativum or more commonly known as garlic has been used to aromatically indulge the sense while eating and adding that unique pungent taste to our favorite dishes. :) cooking is not the only use of garlic, it is one of the 4 powerful herbs that could act as antiseptic, antihelmintic, diaphoretic, diuretic, expectorant and stimulant! amazing garlic is amazing! :) 

one resto in Greenbelt makes delicious dishes with a twist of garlic. its called Krazy Garlik. just by seeing the name you'll immediately conclude that they love garlic! :) taking garlic as it is, a good quality herb, they were able to create dishes that are not only yummy but also modifying the taste buds into a whole new different dining experience!

here are some photos of yesterday @ Krazy Garlic. :)

cute little garlic guy on the menu! :)
cheese puffs with dip and kimchi. :)
the Krazy Garlik salad. :)
2 kinds of pizza. :)
tuna belly and our free voucher of anchovies on bread (sorry forgot the name of the dish!)
fruit shakes! yum! :) GOTTA TRY "DRINK ME"

i hope you guys could try this restaurant one day. :) i highly recommend it! haha.
if you guys have one of those bistro cards you could have 20% discount on every transaction! ask the manager or even the friendly waiters if you want to avail the card.
that's it more this post!

Monday, January 28

SM Surplus and Accessorize Mini Haul

yesterday afternoon i spent my time with A's family at the Mall of Asia. :) we ate lunch and went looking around the mall. it was a fun-filled day! i never enjoyed the mall as much as i have now with 2 grade school kids. the mall seemed like a play ground where we could run around playing Tag! 

on the other hand i also did a little shopping of my own. :) here are the things i got!

2 plain shirts from SM Surplus. :) more of the basics!

the 1st necklace i got this year. :) from Accessorize. 

these are all under 500php because SM MOA is on sale until the end of the month i think. so there you go! :)

5thingsI♥: chilly days BFFs

hello everyone!

have you suffered from dry skin during cold days such as those we are experiencing this past weeks? i don't know about you guys but i have. :P as i always say, "prevention is better than cure" so to avoid further damage i found FIVE things that i really loved using during these kinds of days. 

  • Jergen's Original Scent Lotion- i really love using these lotion because of the subtle, sweet smell that it leaves on the skin after application, it also does its job in moisturizing the skin quite better than i expected because if you're to compare the prices, this brand is cheaper in bigger size. 

  • Apollo's Petroleum Jelly- by experience i found out that this product helped me cure the wind burns (i got in Tagaytay some week ago) around my lips. it's like magic! once you put it on *tenen! the burns were moisturized immediately and eventually healing the skin. its tasteless, colorless and leaves no scent. 
  • Cetaphil- this skin cleanser doubles as a moisturizer for my face. i like to use it 1st as a cleanser then i'll dry my face with a towel then apply a thin layer of the product again (no water this time). it helps my face stay smooth and very healthy.
  • Lip and Cheek Tint from the Body Shop- i seldom wear make-up or i terribly suck at it BUT this one is my life saver! its like i have a blush and lipstick both in the same bottle. :) the color that it leaves on the skin depends on you and how much product you apply. i'm simply in loveeee with it!

  • Bath and Body Works' Green Clove and Aloe Body Spray- for fragrance. i love the crisp, fresh smell that this one leaves on my body. :)
the first 3 are usually found on the drugstores, the lip and cheek tint is available at the Body Shop, and the body spray is available at the Bath and Body Works. :)

that's about it! these are the basic things that i found pretty much helpful to me during these cold January days. :) 
i'll write to you guys soon!

Thursday, January 24

we ♥ cupcakes. :)

hello and good morning everyone! 

time for another food blog! yesterday as i was deciding what food to bring A, cupcakes from the House of Silvanas caught my attention. chocolate ones for him and red velvet for me. :) they were a yummy batch of goodies that we ate yesterday evening. not too sweet but not too bland its just the right mixture. 

cupcakes in our relationship goes way back. :) we often eat them during the first months that we started as an official couple.

if i could still remember well...the first ones that we had was Sonja's Cupcakes @ Serendra. :) 
see how young we were! HAHA!

oh memories. :)
what's your favorite cupcake store?

Wednesday, January 23

January Updates! :)

hello everyone!

finally! i was able to sit down and write updates for my blog. sorry for the delay, sometimes i do tend to spend most of my valuable time playing Sims 2 or reading my anatomy text books. anyway...this post is all about U-P-D-A-T-E-S. :)

on the TOP of the list: I JUST TURNED 22 this month! (yey!!!!!) will be posting a photo-heavy blog of a simple celebration with family and friends. :)

next is that: i have a new cellphone casing haha! :) well if you guys really know me...i proudly own a Nokia X1-00. wiFi, no camera, no bluetooth, no everything but it is the perfect match for my personality. plus i found a really cute dust stopper on Clipper. its just sooo adorable...i've got to have it!

another update that is so hard to believe is (drum roll please!) that I'M WORKING OUT. hahaha! yeah. i really wanted to wear a swimsuit i found online this coming summer vacation. in order for me to do that is to work my lazy butt off. i'll post something about it soon. 
(p.s. if it works! hahaha) are MORE froggy gifts from my friends!  

last of my update is that i'll really try to post more ootds, diy's, ukay hauls, ukay tips and many fashion stuff. and i'm no camille co (omg she's soooooo beautiful!) or any fashionista blogger like the rest but i hope you could stick around my posts and possibly my life. :) because writing makes me happy, i hope reading this could make you smile as well.♥

so..i'll see you on my next post! and i will keep you guys updated! i do promise that.☺

Thursday, January 10

“It requires a certain kind of mind to see beauty in a hamburger bun.” -Ray Kroc


kamusta everyone? <*cheerful tone>

i'm really happy to share a new discovery of good, satisfying burgers! :) hehehe well since i was quite disappointed that my ol-time fave burger stand started using as many meat extenders than real meat. *ehem! if you guys had the same sentiments, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! i feel for you!

anyway the story goes like this...12 or so past midnight while on our way back from the last wedding, without having dinner and the last meal was served on 2pm, our stomachs were churning in pain! literally! i was used in skipping meals (for diet's sake, cramming, etc.) but this was the first time i felt the cramps of my abdominal muscles and felt the acid rising from my stomach. 

THE BURGER PROJECT was just at Jupiter cor. Planet Sts. Makati City! when we saw it the 5 of us lit up and had one of the best times in a resto! :) the signage out front was really eye catching, simple and appealing to anybody. heck! even the name of the restaurant was very interesting. (see below)

once inside we were greeted by the friendly staff and gave us this mini clip boards that contains our order sheet. an individual sheet was exclusive to one person only. the fun of filling up that blank checklist of numerous choices of burger toppings, sauces, buns, and even Angus or regular beef patty sets the dining excitement to a whole new level. :)

the food (burgers) was YUMMMMY! scrumptious if you must. the serving of just 1 burger was like..hmm...6 inches in diameter! if couldn't devour the whole thing you could share it! :) we also order the mozzarella sticks, chili fries and animal fries, yummy as well and talk about filling! the milk shakes was thick and very creamy. i really can't express it in english but in tagalog, "alam mo na hindi ka tinitipid."

soooo...last night i was with my family and A. i introduced them to TBP. :) and just as i thought...THEY LOVE IT!

sorryy..i look ridiculous! haha :)

me and A plus vanilla milkshake! 

my mama, she ordered French Lick...well she loved the burger but it was too big for her..sooo i ended up finishing it for her. :) big room in my tummy!

ze daddy with ze mama :)

the boys (my bros) and my tita Gay enjoying the fries as their appetizers. 

my Tita Gay ordered the Western burger (i think) a burger with 2 pieces of onion rings, with the patty, and a lot of burger topping goodies, its like a tower when they serve it.

okay..this is Kai's own customized 2-patty burger. :)

daddy. :) enjoying his Chori burger. 
note: Chori (accd to dad) is a beef patty that has similar taste to our longganisa.

Zyg and Kai 

A also customized his burger. dozing his double patty with a combination of  teriyaki and garlic sauce.

for the brave one Ken, topping his double patty with pickled jalapeños in a potato bun :) 

there you have it fellas! i hope that this long post has made you wanna try this resto. :) just in case you want to try something new other than the fast food stalls. 
they are open until midnight during weekdays and up until 3am during weekends. branches are in QC (teacher's village) and in vito cruz, near La Salle.

hope you guys had a nice day!

Sunday, January 6

wanted! :)


good day to everyone! since my last post, i have been to a lot to weddings and Christmas parties. one party that i have been to was a post Christmas celebration by the Our Lady of Fatima Parish Choir also known as FPC. 

the theme for the party was WILD, WILD, WEST. :) dressing up in their checkered shirts, leather belts and knee-high boots, everyone had a great time! the food was catered and games were also prepared by the youth members of the choir.

oldies and newbies (members) were present and enjoyed the overflowing drinks, chips, and non-stop karaoke. not to mention that the party lasted until 6am. XD

here are some pictures of the event. 

A, me, Ate Joy, Epoy. :)
 with the choir :)

tita peng's game of luck escalated the mood! the reason was because of this!

 look at all that MOOOOOLAHHHH! :)) hahahahah

Jerick was the 1st one to try....he got....
200pesos! :) 

when it was my turn :)) hahahhahaa i got 50! 
well that was it! :) i hope you guys have attended a fun holiday party!
write to you soon!