i love when i could get clothes for LESS. 
DIGGING is one of the best things that happened for a budget babe like me!
this page holds all of my UKAY HAULS and AMAZING FINDS. :)


 Ukay Stores are not the only ones where you can get affordable clothing. 
SM Surplus is in an ALL-YEAR-SALE, if i had to put it in that way. 
i mean that you can find branded items for less in this shop.
TIP: i also look out for sales in newspapers and even the net to help me spend even less.

when stress in medschool is killing me, i always resort to shopping or even just trying on some clothes in Ukay Stores. 
"Shopping is always cheaper than a psychiatrist!"

well...sometimes its good to give yourself a reward and shop in expensive stores! =)

one of the reasons i love going to Ukay stores is that they also have some branded item available in super low prices! :)

whenever the Ukay stores are on sale try to buy items in BULK. 
it will save more time and i think even money :P

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