Monday, July 30

ang mga anak ni padz. :)

R-O-Y-W saturday! =)

red, orange, yellow, white

what i wore on the OLFP MOB DANCE: 
  • white vintage shirt from WHATEVER! 
  • dark blue skinnies that i've folded from SM.
  • my worn yellow Chucks.
  • light brown belt- gift from Ate Jhing

playing with Padz' weights
with ate Jhing and ate Joy

thanks for reading! :)


@ Padz' FINAL CONCERT: the dancers of our parish (Marlon, Eshai, Frances, Ate Camille, Chimby, Renzie) collaborated with the Events Team (Ate Jhing) and Padz to come up with an upbeat and fun dance number as the finale.

no wonder they chose Beyonce's MOVE YOUR BODY. :) its energizing, creative, and amazingly simple dance steps made it possible to dance to! even our "titas" who love ballroom dancing and aerobics danced like a pro!

here's a two part video of the MOB DANCE OLFP STYLE! :)

hope you had fun!
shine! :)

I will not say do not weep, for not all tears are an evil. -Gandalf

goodbye, pai pai, au revoir, aloha, paalam, arrivedela. 

our dearest Padz (Rev. Fr. Domingo "DOJIE" Asuncion) is moving to another parish. Leaving us with his teachings and memories. we are always thankful for the years we have spent with him. :)

there are a thousand way to say farewell to the flock you've been watching over for 10's how our Padz did his: A FINAL CONCERT. :)

here are some of the photos (c/o M. Romero) and a video (c/o Atty. S. R. Rivas).

with Ate Camille. :) Get Here



Thursday, July 26

The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.☺

me and Beverly during our Radiology class. :)

yeah! :) 

help? F21. :)

hello guys! :)

yesterday evening i met my mama and my brother in SM Makati for a quick dinner at Shakey's and more window shopping (as i thought) 

however i could not resist going into FOREVER 21 since they were on sale. haha!

i tried out what i needed the most: JEANS! i'm a fan of really comfy and fitting jeans. i loved my SM brand Mudd skinnies but it seemed that it has disappeared under my radar. :( saaaadd..

it's actually my first time to buy clothes from F21 :) although my mom bought me my first boots from the store. yup. call me cheap but it seemed that my budget as a student wouldn't go far in that store (SAVE ME UKAY!) haha.

taking the advantage of a sale and i though getting 555 php for a pair of jeans is a bargain. :) here's a picture of it:

again, love dark denim. :)

oh, and the top was chosen by mama :)) haha she asked me to try it out. mama's taste was really opposite from mine but remember the saying: "mother knows best?" she's right on this one. i loved it!♥'s my problem..what to pair my new top with. :)) hahaha. can you guys suggest any way of how to wear this kind of top? 

i can visualize wearing it something with a skirt or shorts but your opinions are always welcome! just comment below. 

thank you! :)

shine babies! :)

Monday, July 23

a gift from our Padz.♥

And when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. Without the rain, there would be no rainbow.
Gilbert K. Chesterton

it seemed that the rain would never stop yesterday! from morning 'till night endless drops of water were falling from the skies. when it was time for our 6:30 pm Youth Mass, it rained even harder! 

however that did not stop me from attending the mass, plus i wore this:

  • red and yellow polka dot pull-over- 45php
  • black skirt- 55php
  • Monobo peep-toe plastic flats- from SM
  • Nine West black bag
  • plus Padz' gift for the graduates of the Youth Camp- a light-weight cross. :)

A and me :)

PBB Teens! :)) hahaha. our version. :P

thanks for reading! :)



have you ever heard of this protein LAMININ? 
-it is a protein that's a part of our cell membranes.
-its function is simple. a "glue" that keeps our cells in place them to function properly.

what's a wonder is its shape. 

it looks like a cross. :) see here...

some say that its a molecular fingerprint of God, some said its just a coincidence, scientists believed that this kind of thinking is a little bit out of the scriptures.

for me, being a Christian, i do believe that this molecular structure is a constant reminder that our Lord Jesus is with us no matter what happens. He [like a glue] will stick to us in good times and specially during bad times. :) He will hold on to us and never let us go. i believe in it. i have faith in Him.

just a thought. :)


Saturday, July 21

the star of the sea. :)

yesterday was ate M's birthday :) she's one of my classmates and close friends in med school. =) she is like an older sister who always encourages me when i feel blue specially if i did bad in exams or in my life, she is is a cation. haha. full of positive energy and hope. 

her name (MARIEN) means the star of the sea. the star that shines for everyone who's lost and leads them back to a place of warmth and happiness. just a few minutes with her plus the gang could make you forget test scores in pharmacology. (just sayin' :]) i learned from her that there is always a reason to be happy. 

we, meaning ACOSTA, APOLINAR, CAMATO, DANAO, FELIPE, NAVARRO,VITUG, YAMBAO,  celebrated her day by eating at Wai Ying Fastfood, Binondo, Manila. *yum! eating good food with friends plus constant laughter and endless jokes is one way of ending a very stressful week.

thanks for ate M  for the photos! happy birthday! we hope that you've enjoy the day with us even though heavy rain was pouring :)

here are some photos, enjoy! 
top row: me, micah, sarah, dan
chad, marien, isaac
asado siopao :)
soy chicken mami :)

vegetable dumpling :)
hakaw! my favorite.
here's a photo with Kuya Lawrence :)
oh look, A and Kuya Condi were there too. :) 

everything was delicious! :) authentic Chinese cuisine at an affordable price. not to mention that servings were quite big! :)

thanks for reading!
shine! :)