Tuesday, June 12

shine! :)

good evening everyone! :)

FYI: i'm starting my 1st day of 2nd year in med school tomorrow. (insert: mixed emos here)

so i'm kind of taking a leave of absence from the blogging world every now and then. 

this year, horror stories about pharmacology and pathology have been unleashed by numerous upper class men, so i really want to focus on my studies and really STUDY. haha. i've been saying that a lot lately so help me God! i really do want to be a good doctor in the future.

nevertheless, i know i'm still gonna update this blog. i hope you guys would still find the time to visit me here and read my posts about my outfits, ukay haul, insights and daddy's home cooked meals. 

so girls and boys i also want to thank you for checking my page during  the summer. i became really excited and fulfilled as i saw my views has gotten into a thousand! THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

finally i've been thinking a lot about the "signature" closing remarks for my blog. i found this really just now as i read my mom's Didache. 

one word: SHINE. 

shine with the Lord Jesus by doing good deeds towards one another. be good to each other my dear friends. 

i'll write to you soon!

for the mean time, shine! <3

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