Sunday, December 30

a party for our leaders. :)


i'm officially back and bloggin'! thank you for reading my posts and following this blog!

soo..last December 28, we (with ate Jhing's supervision all the way from New Zealand hehehe) organized a post-Christmas party for our Parish Pastoral Council Members. these people are pillars of our organizations and heads of their own ministry. they have been in service of our Lord Jesus for almost 20 years! no kidding! their commitment and dedication helped the small chapel to grow into its own parish. :)

here are some photos of the event. :)

the registration booth :) Frances and i had this idea of decorating our name tags for the party and since Kai, Jack, and A were there, they've helped us in creating these fun and colorful ID's that our titos and titas loved.  

Fr. Edison with the PPC heads eating their dinner. :)

Bebe, Mart, A, me and Mark 

i love this picture of us! :))

Mart, A, me with Tito Pol and Tito Lito. ;)

the 4 of us plus the chairman of the PPC, Tito Pol Cementina!


Kuya Emman, the head of the Music Ministry, playing Japanese Walk. :) this game was hilarious! even Fr. Ed was laughing hard on his seat while watching 3 groups race for a prize of PANCIT CANTON! yum!

even our elders know how to pose. :)

the 2 hosts of the night! :) good job guys!

Bebe and me with Fr. Edison. :)


Dress: Forever 21 
Belt: Gift from ate Jhing
Shoes: Parisian flats (SM Brand)

thanks for visiting my blog! :)
have a great day!
more posts to come soon!


things that i did since the last post. :P


happy holidays people! i know everybody's busy this december, i know i was since i wasn't able to put up any posts...haha! sorry my bad. :)

anyway..i just want to share photos of the things i was busy about the whole 2 months of being blog-less. :)) 

@ tita Baby Geraldino's Surprise 60th birthday at Jolibee! 

kuya Butch and ate Liezel's wedding. :) 
preps: Frazier's 
church: Sanctuario de San Antonio
reception: North Forbes Pavillion

singing Christmas carols for our fund raising. :)

just a few photos to share with you guys. i hope you all had a great Christmas and a wonderful New Year ahead!
i'll write to you soon!