Saturday, June 9

black and blue

hey guys! :)

LAST NIGHT: me and my boyfriend, Aaron had dinner at Shakey's and dessert at McCafe. :)

i decided to wear this: 

here are more photos from last night:

dinner: 2 kinds of pizza (Pizza Bianca and the *new Castella)
a basket of chicken and mojos

dessert: rocky road bar 
blueberry cheesecake
dalandan smoothie
double choco frappe

the chocolate king :O

here's a little "doubleA style"

aaron's style is very different from mine. he loves whites compare to my darker shades of choice, plus he seemed formal and crisp while i am more of a street and casual, but that seemed to complement our way of dressing up. <3  what can i say opposite attracts. :) and he RARELY wears clothes from ukay. hahahaha. 

  • blue polo from Rafael
  • gray denim pants from Human
  • white shoes from Wade

thank you for reading! :)

write to you soon! <3

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