Thursday, July 11

UPDATES: June 2013

hello everyone!

i have been away from the keyboard for almost a month and i do think its about time to add another note. :) the blog is not done nor closed, i was busy adjusting in a whole new environment. (i will expound on that on another entry. hehe.) so many things happened to me last June and i would just like to share it with you guys.

(this blog may be photo heavy)

1. I am officially BACK in MED school, thank the Lord for all the graces! :) 

2. A and I are on our way to our 3rd year anniversary this coming August. i'm just so excited about that particular date.♥
all of these were taken this June :)

3. trying this "new" study habit of mine. :) i'll blog about this in the future...during the sembreak (maybe).

1. 1st I WOULD LIKE EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT AMPARO'S RTW (LIBERTAD) IS ON SALE!!!! =) earlier last night i bought a pink sweater for only 10 pesos!
2. in my new niche way out there in Valenzuela, there is a HUGE warehouse of ukay-ukays...i'll drop by some other time and tell you guys all about it!

1. mom had been very generous in buying me clothes before i started classes. :) she got me the following items:
      -a navy blue skater skirt from Cash and Carry
      -an under-the-sea printed mint dress from The Ramp
      -an Aztec printed romper...I SUPER LOVED THIS!
      -and brand new shoes from PayLess. :)
2. i haven't been doing a lot of buying lately coz i really don't have the time but i promise to make it up for the lost time!

1. i am deeply honored to be chosen as a "godparent" for Janil Louis Daños. :) 

2. despite of my 6-day classes, i am still active in serving our Parish. 
3. one of my spiritual ates is getting married! yey! wedding bells! we accompanied her to Sierra Madre for a pre-nup! this is one of the most fun and exciting experience for me :)

photo by Dominic Barrios. :)

1. i almost dog-napped this super cute, adorable, bubbly, chubby little thing!!! too bad one of the guards foiled my evil plan and stopped me. :P

sorry it took me soooo....long to update my blog. :P thanks for reading...will write to you guys soon!