Monday, May 19

Summer 2014: Dalitiwan Resort, Majayjay, Laguna

My summer escapades this year may very well be renamed "KIMPOY's LAST SUMMER BEFORE CLERKSHIP" as this year's outings topped my previous vacays for being the most numerous and most adventurous heat busting trips. Last week I was just at Boracay with my mom chillin' by the beach, sipping some fresh fruit shakes, relaxing but this week, the Acosta family members planed a  different kind of escape that would require your mind and body to focus.

I'm talking about this beautiful batis (stream in English) located in Majayjay, Laguna. This resort is huge! I really cannot quantify how big the land area is just because I suck at measurements and math per se but HUGE is huge! So going back, the waters flowing to this resort is from a cold spring or falls up and beyond the mountains of Banahaw. The water is just the thing to beat the heat. It's ICY COLD! Brrrrrr...if you guys are looking for a thrilling adventure with RAPIDS and strong currents to serve as masseuses or slides you've gotta try this out.

  • 80 php/pax (adult), 50 php/pax (kids)
  • 500 php/cottage - they also have air conditioned rooms for the same price I believe plus they also offer OVERNIGHT stays
  • Gasoline to Majayjay 
  • Tollgate fees
  • Food
The budget depends on how many people are coming and how much you are willing to spend for food, snacks and beverages. Overnight stays may be a bit more costly. In my opinion this resort is worth the price. My family and I enjoyed the stay and the adrenaline pump just by trying to balance on top of gigantic, slippery rocks, and to propel yourself against the strong currents to avoid being taken downhill!  Now, I'll let the pictures do the talkin'.

Presenting my beautiful titas plus mom, modeling her plate! Hahahaha!

Its me and the grill. Feeling Top Chef dito hahaha


See those beef jerky-like formations? Those were actually bag hooks. Genius!

Inihaw na liempo. YUM!!!!!!!!!!!

Enzo, Ken and Artie. :) The 3 Musketeers of the day!

The trip wouldn't be complete with out a selfie :)

Tita Gay enjoying her massage, nature's way!

We had a super great time! Even my little cousins refuse to ascent the waters even if their teeth are chattering! Now that's spirit! :) I just hope he doesn't catch a cold! 

A, me and Kenzo :) Ken at the BG 

Another memorable thing that happened: I LOST MY RING. T.T  Yup, my 3 1/2 year old ring was taken down by the rapids, neverrrrr to be found again. *sigh!!!!!

It's a good thing A didn't make a big fuss about it like I did. :P

Anyway...things like that happen. Just remember to put it all behind you and *shine!
I hope you guys enjoyed the blog!
See you on the next!

Thursday, May 15

Summer 2014: OLFC Outing, Calatagan, Batangas

Beat the heat! :)

Last April 26, the Our Lady of Fatima Parish Choir aka FPC had our annual summer outing in a remote, end-of-the-map, virgin beach resort in Calatagan, Batangas. This is a private resort in the wilderness. Now, don't get me wrong, this is a perfect scenery for us to bond over the company of each other for there are no wifi, no tv. Its just us choir members, good food, summer breeze and a whole lot of booze!☺☼

We arrived at the resort almost lunch time because we have to pass by the market to get some supplies. From the market near the Port of Calatagan (this port has vessels that could take you to Puerto Galera, Boracay, Mindoro) there is another 20-30 minute ride to the resort but all those time travelling is worth it! Grabe! It is one of the places we ought to be during this summer afternoon! 

The beach is still untouched by machines so it gave us a feeling of adventure as we ventured into the sea. There are deep puddles, shallow areas and areas of sharp coral reefs! My inner biologist was so KILIG!!! Hahaha! I'm super excited to dive in the deeper parts. There are free swimming fish everywhere! 

Another advantage of this resort is that it has its own BALSA and rubber boat to assist our friends. Plus this resort is complete with its own kitchen, 4 big bedrooms; 3 with AC, a veranda and a dining area overlooking the sea! And once the tide is low do not fret because there are 2 freshwater swimming pools to bathe in!

Here are some of the photos courtesy of Ms. Joy Gestiada. :) Enjoy!

See that buoy (black floater) over there, that is the landmark this case a watermark that signifies that beyond that point is the deep sea. :) beyond that is the open water.


Two days are not enough of this kind of fun but let's save some more next time! :)