Wednesday, June 6

the plantar aspect

the foot.

it has 2 important functions:

  1. support the body weight
  2. serve as a lever to propel the body forward when walking and running
to think about it our feet carry us anywhere we want to go and where we need to go. its very strong, as it holds the full weight of the person, and it can also adapt itself in uneven surfaces with the help of joints, muscles and ligaments.

imagine a lever. only our foot's structure is made up of segments of bones connected together by strong ligament. so its like a segmented lever.

in order for our foot's structure to hold the weight..God made 3 arches. let's call them Meddy, Longi, and Transvee or MLT.

these arches distribute the weight of the person on the heel (sakong) and 6 other points in the foot. making it easier for us to walk, run, skip, hop, etc.

see the importance of our foot? :)

that's why we need comfy footwear to keep us standing up. 

after the long intro...i'm just writing a blog about some shoes that i own. a review about a certain brand of shoes. :)

MAY 14, 2012: i bought 2 pairs of shoes at SM Makati with my boyfriend. it was a bargain. 2 pairs for 399 pesos. immediately, i thought, i should grab a pair!!! its like 200php for each shoe, where can i get that kind of deal in high-end Makati?

plus i was looking for black flats since last year. i couldn't find one. so when i saw the sale and saw the black flats..i was helpless...need to geeettttt iiiittt!!! =))

here are my 2 choices: one in black and the other in mustard

when i got them..i was really excited to wear these. trying them out in the mall, i really thought they are comfortable.

LATER: when the hours pass by...since this kind of shoe has no arch to support you foot, it kinda hurts and i've experience lactic acid fermentation (pulikat, ngalay) hehehe. 

BUT! since i got them on such low price, i think its alright for errands, short walks, church practices, malling. anything! i wore mine in 2 weddings, a birthday party, going to Manila, going to school. :) *sulit!

if you're not comfortable and you feel pain then maybe wearing this kind of shoe in short engagements will do. :)

thank you for reading this blog. :) 

i'll write to you soon! :O

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