Wednesday, April 30

my 2013 update!

Hello everyone!
I really missed writing for my blog! T.T Please forgive me if it took forever to once again update my posts. I have been really busy in school. Med life is challenging and at the same time wondrous for me. I became so focused on studying because I would absolutely want to become a good doctor in the future.☺♥

Alright! So much for my introduction, this post will be about my 2013 (since it was the year I stopped blogging). WARNING: this will be a lengthy post but please try to bare with me until the end. Thanks!

 Since my last posts about the upcoming Our Lady of Fatima Parish, Bangkal, Makati, fund raising activities were known, I am pleased to inform you guys that the OLFC Concert was a BIG success! Thank you for everyone who came and cheered for us. All the proceeds were donated in a church in Iloilo, for the rehabilitation of their parish community from the super typhoon Yolanda.

Another good news came right after the concert week! The Our Lady of Fatima YOUTH CHOIR won the 1st ever chorale singing competition! :) I couldn't tell you how much the kids screamed and celebrated for their efforts during the preparation for this competition. They were soooo ecstatic!

The winning piece was "Munting Sanggol" :)

Christmas came! :) 
The Acostas, all wearing football jerseys! :) 

Karaoke night with the OLFYC! :)

The Legaspi's 2013 Reunion! :)

A, me, ate Verna, Julianne :)

New year! WELCOME 2014! :)
with the OLFC! :)

The next section would be random pictures from the rest of the year (2013) :) some may be from the early months of this year. 
medschool loves ☺♥

moments I'm not really proud of HAHAHA! 

Chenie and Juley! :)

wacky doctors to be! :)

with Rael and Jhona :)

with Larizze, yummmm!!!

 At Dad's with the Reyes Clan :)

There you have it! :) I'll save some for another entries! Thank you for reading!