Friday, June 8

trick of the trade

hello diggers! :)

i'm back with a few more tips about one of my favorite hobbies, diggin', in tagalog mag-ukay-ukay.

let's say that you've started to buy things from the uk stores and you have been addicted because in comparison to malls and tianges, uk stores are still very cheap that you can buy a lot of clothes for a fraction of the money you usually spent on shopping.

however not all clothes from the uk stores are in good condition, so let me share a few tricks that i've learned after spending years in shopping the uk stores.

its okay to have a closer inspection of the things you are to buy form those stores. even though the items are cheap, you'd still wanna spend you money wisely.
  • if buying tops: check the armpits, buttons, seams, texture, sequins, detail, metal work. 
NOTE: if the blouse or tip is missing a button, try going to Carolina's and look for similar buttons. or if you like you can make your own adjustments.

you can even change the whole set of buttons. :) be creative!
  • pants: check the length and fit. you can always have it altered later.
  • shoes: sometimes the uk stores have shoes that seemed brand new (specially in Baguio City) but most of the time the shoes, comparing brand new ones, are worn and in not so good conditions. size ranges are from 5-9 (in my experience)
NOTE: check the sole first to see of the shoe is still intact. also look at the straps (if there's any). check if the adjustment works properly.
  • bags: i haven't bought a bag in an ukay store before but they are selling signature and non-signature bags. timing is everything. if the LV is for you then you'll sure to find it. :)
i hope some of these tips help. :) these are just from my experience and i would just like to share them with you. :)

thank you for reading and spending time here!

write to you guys soon! :O

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