Saturday, June 9


hey foodie! :)

Yorkshire Pudding is a dish from (where else? haha) YorkshireEngland. It is made from a batter and usually served with roast meat and gravy.

don't be scared of the name. its so easy to make. i just learned how to make it this morning :D

what you need: 
  1. 1 cup of Pancake mix or 1 cup of all purpose flour- in our case we mixed the two of them together because using only the pancake mix makes it too sweet while the flour makes it bland.
  2. 2 eggs
  3. milk
  4. salt for tasting
  5. butter or lard or margarine- we used butter
  6. olive oil (optional)
  7. a bowl, a whisk
  8. aluminum muffin cups or muffin trays
  9. an oven 250C 

IMPORTANT: pre-heat the oven first to 250 degrees Celsius.  we need the oven to be HOT!. :D

1st- mix the Pancake mix and 1 egg in a bowl. mix it. then add milk. 
*the amount of milk depends on what consistency you want your batter to achieve.

2nd- mix the 3 ingredients together with a whisk. add more milk if you want the batter to be "running" 

3rd- set the batter aside and prepare your muffin cups on a tray. 
now you can add butter in each of the cups.
you can also add a dash of olive oil for additional flavor.

4th- put the tray in the oven to heat the cups to 250 degrees.

5th- take the tray out and pour the batter in the hot cups. 

6th- return the tray w/the YP batter in the cups inside the oven for 20 mins.
DO NOT OPEN THE OVEN to peek. wait for 20 minutes. 
the batter might not rise if you open the oven prematurely.

7th- after 20 mins. take the tray out. *tenen! you're done! :O

this pudding is delicious with gravy and roasted meat but you can try it with different variations.

enjoy! :)

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