Wednesday, January 21

birthday wishlist!♥

Hello everyone! 

Happy 2015! It has been like...forever since my last blog post!'s a brand new year and I do hope you guys had a wonderful 2014.

Sooo...just in case you guys are wondering when is my birthday, it's in this month! Yep. I'm an Enero baby BUT it's already over. Wahaha! I'll be making another blog post on that. For this post I'll be posting some photos of my birthday wishes (hence the title. :)) ). I'm not making any parinig or something, I just thought this would be a fun write up to de-stress in the middle of the night. It will also reflect a little bit of what my personality is based on the things I like...that is like getting to me better. HA! BONUS!

That was quite a blabberish intro..haha! Anyway here's the list!

1. MacBook or a new laptop -  I do love my Acer Aspire 4715Z, too bad it's already starting to have degenerative changes. Poor laptop. It has been keeping me in the tech loop for almost 8 years. I hate to say goodbye to it but I think I badly need a new one. 

2. Nightwing shirt - last year, me and my friends started getting addicted to a game called Injustice: Gods Amongst Us, and I have been crushing on this guy called Nightwing, who is Dick Grayson, who was actually Robin but was fired due to some negligence. Hahaha. Fangirling over a DC character is really nerdy of me!

3. Longchamp handbag - I don't have a lot of bags and I really hate carrying girly bags around but when in a situation of formal events or gatherings that still requires you to bring a lot of stuff THIS handbag can sure do the trick. I think it's chic and classy, will complement any outfit and I do really love the color too. :)

4. Personalized necklace - I just saw this in Pinterest years ago and I just want one like it.♥

5. LOTR skirt - I almost cried out of joy when I saw this on Etsy. This would be a very good addition to my LOTR collection.☺

6. Pusheen stuff toy - Almost everyone of you knows how much I'm in love with Keroppi but Pusheen is just to cute for me to stray away. Look at those little babies!!! 

7. A vintage Volks - no explanation needed. :)) 

8. A pet - since I'm still not allowed to have a doggy a blow- up picture of this will suffice!☺☺☺

9. SHARPIES are ♥♥♥

10. Horse-back riding - someone please take meeee!!! 

That's my wishlist!☺ What's yours?