Saturday, June 23

class mammalia. :)

hey there! :)

earlier today me and my dad went to Bambang and bought some medical equipment that i needed for school, i decided to wear this:

  • neon green sleeveless/spaghetti top = 55php

  • zebra-printed cropped top = 55php
  • and i wore my elephant necklace from 3KFashion = 90php

  • worn/torn/ denim shorts. :) 
  • black belt
  • mustard flats

if you look close enough you'll notice that the mixed prints and the accessory are from the Class Mammalia (zebra, elephant, leopard) under Kingdom Animalia. :) #biomajors! haha.

and the clothes that i'm wearing are all from the UKAY! ahahaha except the shoes and necklace. [Try DIGGIN!]

COMMENT: this outfit turned a lot of heads in Bambang, idk if i looked weird or they just liked the easy breezy look. hahaha. anyway, i was comfortable and i did not feel sweaty or hot. to think that we were roaming the streets at 2pm. *yikes! 

okay. gotta go!

thanks for reading!

shine! :)

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