Saturday, June 30

blog haul 2


i know its been a while since the last time i wrote to you guys. i have been busy doing school stuff. *peace!

YESTERDAY: we had our very 1st long exam in Pathology. in my own evaluation, i think i did pretty i celebrated my so-called success by shopping in one of my favorite UKAY stores near my home. :) hahaha. its along Evangelista St. and right across the 7/11 (EDSA end). other landmarks would include Mang Inasal and Reyes Haircutters. XD

the store was on sale! yey! i got these items:

1. first is this tank top. its not really orange like in the picture but more of a neon coral. :) its 40pesos

2. an sheer animal printed top for 40php

 3. this baggy rich purple top is for 40pesos

 4. polka-dotted long sleeves for 50 pesos

 5. a bossini "Fashion Tee" for 50pesos

[ i love wearing baggy clothes. :)]

 6. last is a navy blue blouse with very cute butterflies and glittering details for 75 pesos.

[see how cute is that!]

i spent about 300 pesos for 6 tops. :) i hoped to get a discount for the tank tops but i guess sweet talkin' the sales clerk did not work for me today. :)) 

thanks for reading! i hope you'll get inspired to go DIGGIN soon! 

shine! :)