Tuesday, October 30

epoy-centrism. :)


its me again. :) time to share Epoy's 21st birthday celebration! *yey!

what's so special about him?

he's like Marlon (my BFF)..my brother from another mother. :)
A term used to describe a good friend that you have known almost your whole life. The word "brother" is used because the friend is extremely close to you to the point that he is almost like your brother--but from a different mother. And that rhymes. And you know that rhymes. Admit it!

i have known them almost my whole life and spent valuable time with me and my family. plus they fit snugly in my family's way of life. they're never strangers and never will feel like one. :)

epoy was surprised when the guys from Central sang him the b-day song! :))

just us. :)


Monday, October 29

there's something about the color blue these days..☺

hello again. :)

its my third post for today. sorry. :) but i really had so much to tell you guys. 

its been a while since my last ukay-ukay haul. soooo...i'm just excited to say that i'm still doing that in my spare time. 

i went to this ukay store just here in Bangkal. just in case you're interested its front of the 7-11 at Alejandrino St. so...here's what i got. :)

yeah...got everything under the shades of blue. it was quite easy to figure out why i got attracted to these clothes. i felt an overwhelming feeling of calmness, coolness with a little bit of rest. perfect. :)

can't wait to sport them out with grandma's pearls. :)

are you a fan of blues too? :)


behind the scenes. :) tagaytay wedding 2

hello. :)

just want to share some of our "behind the scenes" moments in our recent wedding at Rosemont Gardens, Tagaytay. 

too bad i wasn't able to take a picture of the bride and groom, ate Ses and kuya Gerald but i must say that their wedding was a memorable one. :) it was raining all night before their big day but miraculously sun was shinning on the big day! no drop of rain fell from the heavens from start to finish. :)

here are some of the details that i took advantage of snapping a few photos. :P

kuya Jets posing :) hahahahahah

ahhhh...ganda ng view! XD

flowers from Vatel Manila :) sooooo beautiful! :)

our bride's shoes from Nine West. :)

the ring bearer's cushion. :) 

wedding rings from Tomei. :)

the killer view. haha. *wink!

table set up c/o K by Cunanan. :)

for our  dinner. also by K. :) yummy!

October birthday bliss :)


its been a while (again) haha. october was a very busy month for me, my family and friends due to all the birthdays that literally lasted for a week. everyday starting from the 18th up to the 24th of the month were special days of some of my dearest friends and my mom and tita gay.

not to mention the 7th, t'was the birth date of our beloved lola ganda. she was my daddy's mom and my favorite lola in the world. we are still celebrating her day ever since she reunited with our Lord way back on 2005. 

here are some photos of us celebrating. :)

Oct. 7: lola's b-day. after dinner we visited lola in St. Alphonsus in Magallañes, prayed the rosary together and then headed to Starbucks to have late night coffee and desserts.
(photos were taken via iPad, sorry for the noise) 

Oct. 18: tita olga's day. for lunch we ate at Rai Rai Ken in Magallañes and for dinner daddy cooked spaghetti and buffalo wings. :) plus we had chips with salsa and sour cream.

si mama, nakapikit nanaman haha. :)

Oct 21: Mama's day. :) we had dinner at Shakey's, again in Magallañes. :) 

sorry for the long post. its been a while since i've updated my blog. i hope you guys had a nice month. november is just around the corner. :) can't wait for Christmas! yey!


Monday, October 15

whew! :)

hello!!!! :)

its been a very long time since i've updated my blog due to a lot of events these past few weeks (not to mention my time spent on playing The Sims XD). 

here's my october breakdown of activities:

  • 1st stop was a wonderful coffee break with Epoy and sis Aly :) both are bloggers from the same neighborhood and we have opened a garage sale just for fun! (photos from Aly)

  • as most of you who regularly reads my blog knows that i work for CANAAN CELEBRATIONS by Jets and Rhona. it's a team of young professionals who are passionate in making a bride's dream wedding come true! the site will be uploaded and updated soon.
  • sooo...i have attended more than five weddings now and got to meet the couples. one couple namely ate JO and kuya ALLAN were extremely kind and understanding to us and the rest of the suppliers. both are beautiful in their own spikes and shards kinda way. :) cool motif.
  • http://www.jlucasreyes.com/blog/engagements/jo-and-allan-ranch-beach-engagement/ here's a link to their prenup photos by J LUCAS REYES :) 
  • sir J's slideshow gave me goosebumps and got my eyes a bit misty. grabeee ang galing nya talaga. 
  • oh one of the highlights of my month is meeting the one and only RAMON BAUTISTA and TADO :) omg!!!
  • they filled the after party (ate jo and kuya allan's) with laughter and witty jokes that everyone totally enjoyed!

sooo...that's it for now :) 

more to come soon!


Thursday, October 4

preview. :)

hello! :)

its past 2 am here in the Philippines but since i'm used to burn the midnight oil, i still have one last blog for you guys today. 

Alysa a.k.a. Wander Woman and i have a sort of Bangkal Bloggers-United Garage Sale on my house's garage hahaha. (garage sale, in a garage! get it??) along with other bloggers (Aaron, Ate Jhing, Epoy and Kai) we will be having this sale during 5pm onwards at Rodriguez Ave. Bangkal Makati City in front of Shellane Gas. :)

let's just say if we're there, we're OPEN. :)

here are a few items that we are selling and there are more to come! so please feel free to browse and don't be shy to leave a comment below!

Neon Spike Bracelets
Mustache Ballers (Neon Green, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow and Black)
Connector Rings
Bow Rings
Kiddie Jeweled Rings
Ear Accents (Spikes: Gold and Silver, Skull: Black)
Floral Earrings (pink, aqua, white, peach)
Jeweled Dog Earrings
Lightning and Bow Earrings

just want to give you guys a preview of what's in store in our garage sale. :)
so just in case you have the time to drop by please come and visit us!