Friday, November 8

Caleb @ 2.☺

“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person's character lies in their own hands.” 
― Anne Frank

Hello everyone!

      Time goes by so fast, just a year ago we joined the Cuachons in celebrating their baby boy's, Jaden Caleb, 1st birthday and just this 2nd day of Novemeber, family and friends are gathered at Jollibee, Magallañes to once again unite with this loving family in honoring Caleb's second birthday. :) 

        I personally enjoyed the party not just because I really love Jollibee but it is also because the host, Kuya She, kept the party alive, energized and super fun! There are games for both adults and kids plus surprise or in my own terms, ambushed dance number by the Padi Dudi youth! Another part of this gathering that I appreciated are the BABIES! A and I's Sunday playmates, Brii, Miel, Jari and baby Gab, are all invited and are sharply dressed for the party. 

          Here are some photos of the event from Len's camera. :) 

The Cuachons with the always happy, Jollibee :)

Here's Caleb's ninong Martin and Mommy, Ate Camille.

The Cuachons with Lolo Zeke and Ate Che.

Babysitting for Miel. :) 

GAB! :)

AMBUSHED!!!! We danced to the tune of "Whoops-Skiri-Whoops" haha! I was so embarrassed!!! I haven't seen the dance steps before but I jut have to go along with it! Really fun!

Girls VS Boys Game. The men lost the game and therefore punished to spell C-A-L-E-B with their butts!

Blowing of the cake by the birthday boy. :)

This one is soooooo....ADORABLE! :) 

      I just can't wait for the next year's party! Wishing Caleb many many many more birthdays to come and more love! We know that he is a good boy and we'll always pray for him and his family. :) We love you playmate! 

    thank you guys for reading!

Saturday, October 26



We, at the Our Lady of Fatima Parish, would like to extend this invitation to everyone who would like to attend, enjoy and have the experience of a lifetime at the upcoming events of our parish, namely:

 for ye, fashionistas! :) a fashion show just for you!

for ye, singers and music lovers, a night of songs and praise in store for you!

All of these events will benefit not only the said organizations but also for the ongoing improvement and renovation of our parish church and center.

For ye kind-hearted Sire and Lady who would like to acquire tickets for these events please leave me a message in my email:, Facebook or Twitter. :) or send me a text message at 09173237914.

Thank you very much and may God bless you!

OLFC Experience: Recording Studio

Hello everyone! 
I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying the semester break. :)

In celebration of the 44 long years of singing and serving the Lord, the Our Lady of Fatima Choir, aka OLFC or Fatima Parish Choir, will have a benefit concert entitled: Through the Years, this coming December 7 at the OLFP church. In preparation of the said concert we will also release an album of the songs very dear to the group. These songs will then be recorded as a legacy of the choir.

Luckily for me, a newbie, I was invited by one of the choir masters, Tito Tongie, to join the recording. Initially, I did not commit myself in attending the practices because I  already do have a lot on my plate as a medical student but I thank God because I was able to make up for the lost time by practicing on my own and listening to my fellow altos' recordings of the punched notes. I may be talking Greek here, hehe, but those of you who are choir member might understand the uttermost importance of the said punched notes. 

The first of the many more recording session happened this last Thursday, October 24 at the Scandic Palace Suite in Brgy. San Isidro, Makati City. My over all impression of the place was relaxing. I mean the pool side, where we stayed is just so cute and refreshing. :)

Here's the scene: the recording will be done per voice section since the recording studio is just enough to fit a group of 10. Altos goes first, then the Sops, Tenors and last but not the least, the mighty Basses.

When the time comes for the altos to record, I had butterfly flutters in my belly. I also had mixed feelings before, during and after the recording. I can't really explain it but I can really conclude based on my first hand experience and data gathered from my choir mates, RECORDING A SONG IS HARD. Kudos to those who are recording artists and SoundCloud people, you guys rock! Perfection-ly wise, I think is painstakingly hard. The first time is the hardest, based on my OWN opinion and experience but as we progress along the night, I think all of us gained confidence to deliver justice to the songs. :) 

here are some photos of the studio from my BFF, Marlon. 

the equipment. :)

this is the other room, for the solos I think.

the view from where we stand recording w/the lyrics of the songs

meet the EXCITED me. LOL haha

just posing for the cam! smile! :)

Another day well spent! As you've seen in my last post, I did another 1st again. This is my first time ever recording not just 1 but 3 songs in a recording studio! Isn't that awesome!!! YEAH! I am still really happy about it until now. I do have that "hangover" hehe. 

So, that's about it. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I'll write to you soon!

Thursday, October 17

They are Our Dream Come True. :)

For together we stand, divided we fall
Together we climb to the top of the world
We can be what we want for the world to see
We are the children of yesterday's dream

October 15 is a very special date for 2 of my good friends, Ate JM and Kuya Bry. It's their second wedding anniversary plus their son, Joab's, 1st birthday. :) They have decided to spend that particular day by sharing all the wondrous blessings given by our Lord, Jesus, to the little orphan girls living at Ang Bahay ni Maria.


There we were, happily celebrating the love and compassion of the Jebulan-Lardizabal family with 55 precious little girls plus 1 young boy. The experience touched everyone who attended the event. We started with a prayer, then to break the ice Kuya Bry and Ate JM thoughtfully initiated one of my favorite games during our PYM team buildings, BAHAY, BAGYO, TAO! Oh boy, that game never fails! After playing, those kid's adrenaline shoot up and delightedly sung along with us with a song.

Every moment was heart felt especially when the children started to sing 2 action songs that tickled everyone's lacrimal gland. One song was about Mama Mary and the next was Children of Yesterday's Dream.When they sung the 1st song, there was a line there that made an impact on my heart.

"Our mother's name is Mary!"

These five words. These simple five words that even a four year old could understand meant a lot to them. It seemed that they are telling us that, our Mother, Mary, is caring, loving, and praying for us always. I was on the brink of letting my tears fall but alas! Control came over when I saw them smiling back at me. :)

here are some photos from that day with the kids grabbed from Ate JM's facebook :)

One of my favorite shots of that day. :)

A Million Roses for Peace

"look up, tayo!" -the girls

It was a day to remember. :) I just want to thank the Jebulan-Lardizabal gang for letting me and A experience this kind of deed. This event brought more depth in my view of sharing and caring for our country's future. Meeting these young princesses, hearing their laughs, and receiving their warm embraces made me want to strive harder as a medical student. Definitely in the years to come, they'll be a source of inspiration and hope to other young girls and boys.

What a very momentous way to kick-start my month-long semester break! :) I hope you guys liked this post!
For more details in the planning of this event, follow Ate JM's blog here. :)
Write to you again soon!
Remember to SHINE! :)

Thursday, July 11

UPDATES: June 2013

hello everyone!

i have been away from the keyboard for almost a month and i do think its about time to add another note. :) the blog is not done nor closed, i was busy adjusting in a whole new environment. (i will expound on that on another entry. hehe.) so many things happened to me last June and i would just like to share it with you guys.

(this blog may be photo heavy)

1. I am officially BACK in MED school, thank the Lord for all the graces! :) 

2. A and I are on our way to our 3rd year anniversary this coming August. i'm just so excited about that particular date.♥
all of these were taken this June :)

3. trying this "new" study habit of mine. :) i'll blog about this in the future...during the sembreak (maybe).

1. 1st I WOULD LIKE EVERYONE TO KNOW THAT AMPARO'S RTW (LIBERTAD) IS ON SALE!!!! =) earlier last night i bought a pink sweater for only 10 pesos!
2. in my new niche way out there in Valenzuela, there is a HUGE warehouse of ukay-ukays...i'll drop by some other time and tell you guys all about it!

1. mom had been very generous in buying me clothes before i started classes. :) she got me the following items:
      -a navy blue skater skirt from Cash and Carry
      -an under-the-sea printed mint dress from The Ramp
      -an Aztec printed romper...I SUPER LOVED THIS!
      -and brand new shoes from PayLess. :)
2. i haven't been doing a lot of buying lately coz i really don't have the time but i promise to make it up for the lost time!

1. i am deeply honored to be chosen as a "godparent" for Janil Louis Daños. :) 

2. despite of my 6-day classes, i am still active in serving our Parish. 
3. one of my spiritual ates is getting married! yey! wedding bells! we accompanied her to Sierra Madre for a pre-nup! this is one of the most fun and exciting experience for me :)

photo by Dominic Barrios. :)

1. i almost dog-napped this super cute, adorable, bubbly, chubby little thing!!! too bad one of the guards foiled my evil plan and stopped me. :P

sorry it took me soooo....long to update my blog. :P thanks for reading...will write to you guys soon!

Wednesday, June 5


hello everyone!
just posting some of the most memorable moments that happened this summer. from weddings to summer escapades, malls to food. no category here what so ever. just random stuffs i did with the loves of my life. 

with tito Romy and tita Peng Hilario. :) and of course with Mama Nelly (1st photo on the left) who celebrated their golden anniversary with Papa Vir. the ceremony was held at St. Alphonsus Maria de Liguori, Magallanes. the reception followed at White Space. :) the night was filled with song and dance numbers from their children headed by the talented Jhong Hilario. :) Martin Nievera was also a special, surprise guest who serenaded the couple and their guests. this was truly a wonderful night and i'm glad to be able to witness this event.

its a small world after all! :) meet Fay and Lalla, two of my school mates in EAC-College of Medicine. the 2 of them were wedded last May. :) i love their colorful and fun details that was inspired by the stars. 

making faces with A.♥

meet Posh-posh. :)

huggable little lhasa apso! 

Sta. Cruzan 2013 @ OLFP

A's birthday celebration! had movie on the eve of the day with Kuya Jets and Ate Rhona. went out at Chili's for dinner! 

good vibes! :) more post will come this June. can't wait to blog about my new school, new uniform and new experiences soon! keep smiling every one!

Monday, June 3

OOTD: transitions.☺

happy 6th month of the year to you my dear readers!☺ we are already halfway done for 2013! yey! good job guys! now only 6 months to go!

so this blog is about how i wore my summer pieces and create a "rainy day" look for the La Niña seasons. (too bad the Philippines has only 2 seasons. *sigh)

A and i supposed to have a lunch date at Ma Maison before he left for Boracay. however later on that day the sun was shaded by dark, sinister rain clouds. it poured soon afterwards. so i came up with an idea to use my F21 black boots i bought 2 years ago and only worn 4 times. i just thought that using these on a rainy day is appropriate and stylish. :))

i paired up these boots with a light linen tunic from Petit Monde. :)

the look wouldn't be complete without my ultra black tights, black watch from Guess, and to add a pop of color i grabbed my  red M&M's bag from American Boulevard.

there you have it! a simple look with just 5 pieces. :) 
write to you guys soon!

Thursday, May 30

OOTD: sweet.♥

hello there! :)

summer ain't over yet! pastels and floral prints are still in! 
here's an outfit post from last week. 

  • TOP- powder blue tank top
  • white shimmering cardigan- from Ukay
  • BOTTOM- floral printed skorts. :) got this for 65php in Ukay 
  • ACCENTS- black watch from Guess (vintage), olive green purse
  • SHOES- Toms Classic

thanks for reading!


hello everyone!

another food blog here. :) last week after watching the film Star Trek: Into Darkness we tried out MU Noodle Bar at Glorietta 2. *yey for Japanese food!
when i first saw the place months before i immediately thought, "Gosh...mukhang mahal dito." however i was proven wrong and therefore i conclude NEVER JUDGE A RESTO BY ITS INTERIORS. :))
the place's decor is crisp, sharp and modern with a dash of blacks and whites that suits the taste of minimalist, such as myself. what attracted me the most are the high tables and stools that we sat on, these added drama in my dining experience.


 the decor. :)

gyoza and iced tea. :) 

chicken with basil and pork chop noodle soup. :)

here's a sample of their menu i grabbed from their FB page.

there you have it! try out MU Noodle Bar. :) 

love letters: dear Jesus.☺

dear Jesus,

good morning to You my Lord and my God! how is everything in heaven? i know for sure that all is fine, all is well. i decided to write this letter because i realized that i was too caught up in this worldly life that i haven't shared my stories to you lately. while you continue to unfold your part of the tale to me everyday i was busy troubling on what to do, what not to do and completely forgot that i could rely on you. my prayers became scripted and formatted. where were my spontaneous thoughts and ideas? have they been in long deep slumber that i couldn't wake those up? i used to be me...whenever i talked to you but now it seemed that i have put a gorge-wide gap between us. 

i am guilty as a criminal when i say all this my Lord.

i am deeply sorry for the sins that i have committed. i am sorry for the things i did to hurt you and the people around me. here i am again knocking on your door to give me a chance. :) i know your are a God of Chances, please give me one more. 

i also wrote this letter to ask you for help. this kind of help is not to ask for blessings for you have already showered mine, this SOS i seek is an advice my Lord. advice on what to do in this point of my life. i'm not really confused on what i want to do...its the "what i have to do" part that i'm having a hard time deciphering. if only there are books that could just direct you to the right way of living i bet i'll be buying those at all cost! however in this life that you lend me my Lord, there are current events that i could not understand or don't want to understand.

i have always lived by the rules. as much as possible i can't stand breaking these morals but my current situation, i have this urge to go out of bounce, break the code!!! i don't care anymore!!! i don't care what will people think of me, the heck, i don't care what they'll say about me. i just want that feeling of release. sometimes i thought it might be an excuse to do this if i weren't literate. i even wished that i could be illiterate for just 1 day and get this act over with. i have this mixed emotion of anger and confusion pent up inside of me. i tried so hard to contain this deadly cocktail but bursts of it continue to surface and push me to do things i would not do on a normal basis.

however...through Mama Mary's intercession and grace that i could just let it all go. :') i thank your mother oh Lord for always being with me. whenever i call her she is quick to respond. just like you, she held me back with a hug to help me avoid the actions that i would really regret on doing. this blessing is wonderful and i could not thank you enough for it. 

i would also like to thank you for the following people:

1. Fr. Edison- thank you for him and his new ministry in our parish. he has been a kind priest to me. :) i learned new things because of him like adobe photoshop, simplicity, and most of all discipline. please bless him always and please guide him into leading his new flock towards goodness and holiness.

2. Padz- i miss him everyday Jesus but i know that our padz had taught us well and is now ready to teach other young servers of the Lord. please let him feel that i love him so much! please bless his health, his family that i have also loved, and his new parish. 

3. Tito Pol, Tito Manny, Tito Deo, Tito Lito- the so called F4. thank you for them! they have been a blessing not only to our parish but to our lives as well. all i ask is to help them stop smoking. its bad for their health. :) please make them strong and may they continue to serve the parish with fervor and heart.

4. my friends- you know who they are. :) i thank you for them because they are friends not just in need but friends indeed. although we may have differences and short-comings, we still gotten over those obstacles to continue to be in the presence of each other. i thank you for their lives and their jobs and families. please continue to bless them.

5. my family- they have been with me for all the days of my life. i  thank you for letting me be a part of this clan. :) thank you Lord for we are still together, happy, and contented. :)

6. Aaron- he is the wild card. :))) hahaha! i really don't know why i feel so much for him but i love the fact that i'm clueless. he is the calm in my storm, that encouraging voice when i'm down, a warm love that could dissolve hate and anger in my heart. thank you for him. :) please bless him oh Lord and please grant him a job that he will love. :)

lastly, please bless my haters/enemies i know that they are everywhere. :) please bless them always and please also give them happiness and peace. 

thank you my Lord for all the wondrous things that you've given me. i'll be waiting on those advice? haha. i know i'll get them later on the day. thank you again. i feel better now. :) thank you again. :)

i will be writing soon! :)


Tuesday, May 21

Summer Ensembles: Puerto Galera.☺

since my last post is about my recent trip to Galera, let me share with you a couple of looks that I've put together.☺

DAY 1: Aboard

i wanted to have that comfy, summer look. :) i put on this printed top with my fave denim shorts at the moment and just slipped on my pair of Sperry's. i added this beige cardigan because i considered the fact that we are traveling by an air conditioned bus. don't want to catch a cold! :)

  • TOP- its from a brand called Candy.
  • CARDIGAN- from Esprit, got it in ang Ukay store for 20 pesos. :)
  • BOTTOMS- this is my 20 peso shorts, got it also from Ukay.
  • SHOES- Sperry Top-Siders in Sahara.
  • BAG- from Jansport
  • EARRINGS- bronze studs from F21
DAY 1: Explore

after arriving at our destination, we took a couple of hours dozing off. :) we woke up at dusk. knowing that we were in the beach, i paired this animal printed top with a tie dye short shorts.

  • TOP- animal printed hanging blouse from Ukay.
  • BOTTOM- blue tie-dyed shorts from Ukay.
  • FOOT WEAR- Havaianas  Top in Rose Gold 

DAY 1: Sling Out

being spotted at the night scene was part of the agenda. :)) i wanted to look chic but not too much for the night out so i put on a pink maxi skirt and knitted top. 

  • TOP- knitted top from Ukay.
  • BOTTOM- pink sheer maxi skirt from Coco Cabana.
  • FOOT WEAR- Havaianas in Rose Gold
  • EARRINGS- same bronze studs from F21
DAY 2: Fresh

time to swim and snorkel! :) i have my bathing suit underneath this white top and azure colored shorts. 

  • TOP- white shirt from Ukay.
  • BOTTOMS- azure short shorts from U2, got it from Ukay.
  • FOOT WEAR- Adidas Beach Shoes
  • EYE WEAR- from SM
DAY 2: Swim!

  • TOP- black halter bathing suit from Tomato
  • BOTTOMS-Speedo trunks. *wink!
DAY 2: Travel

after the morning activities, its time to visit Tamaraw Falls! :) i put on this cute lace tube over my bathing suit and wore my woven hat. 

  • TOP- white lace tube top from Ukay
  • FOOT WEAR- Havaianas in Rose Gold
  • ACCESSORIES- Straw hat from SM

DAY 3: Shop

last ootd! :)

  • TOP- neon orange tank top from Ukay
  • BOTTOMS- floral shorts from Chill. :)
  • FOOT WEAR- Havaianas in Rose Gold
  • ACCESSORIES- shades from SM.
yey! we're done! these are just the clothes that i've bought with me during the trip.
most of the pieces from my vacation ensembles are from ukay-ukay. :) who can tell that these clothes costs 20 or 50 pesos? i am proud that these outfits cost less, look cute and really show off my personality. loving these ukay-ukay collection of mine!♥☺ thank you for reading!