Tuesday, June 5

5 easy steps for diggin' :)

hola! :) 

its just been a day since my last post about diggin' or ukay ukay but i just want to share with you more info. :) like this 5 easy steps that i follow during shopping the uk stores and even the mall. 

since i'm starting my second year in medicine next week, blogging will be a little more difficult to do. that's why i'm bombarding you with info and tips. 

YESTERDAY: i've passed by this uk store in Pasay City (near the LRT Station, Libertad). its one of my favorite stores to go into because there's a lot of options and styles to choose from. <3

the store is called AMPARO RTW. they are on sale for almost a week now. the price ranges from 20-95 php for clothes like tops (long or short sleeved, sleeveless, blouses, polo for guys, slacks, denim, jeans, shorts, skirts, dresses and other long blouses) and their bags and shoes are on 30% discounts.

so..if its your first time to set foot on an uk store, please don't get overwhelmed and dumbfounded. :O (happened to me on my first time) coz you'll see literally endless racks FULL of clothes, sometimes it might trigger the sneeze reflex. 

step 1: breathe. once you've recovered from the shock of seeing too many clothes. try breathing and start looking around.

it also helps if you bring a friend who has been in an uk store to help you look for clothes. :)

step 2: looking. try to find a rack that seemed to be most appealing to you. 

in stores like Amparo's they have separated the dresses from the tops, short sleeved from long sleeved, slacks from denim. :)

if you liked sleeveless tops then go for the rack that holds them. ehehe. 

step 3: dig! rummage through the racks to see the details and style of the clothes. take them off the racks to have a better look. 

step 4: fitting. xempre. you need to fit the clothes you've gathered. sometimes it looks good on the hanger but doesn't on you. try on the clothes its not a problem. :)

important: i know the store is not sosyal or high end but we still have to be polite and return the clothes to the proper racks if you don't like them. 
just ask the store clerks to help you put them back.

step 5: check out. if you liked the clothes, they fit you well, and contented on the price then head on to the counter and pay for it. 

easy, right? :O 


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