Monday, June 4

from a 20 pesos pants to shorts. :)

hello! :)

here is my first blog about alterations. 

earlier today i bought a 20php flared pants from the ukay ukay. 

here's a picture...

so i got my brother to mark the pants to what length will it look good as a shorts...knowing him, the shorter the better :O

cut it. (with sharp scissors)

run it under a sewing machine...or do it manually to have folds. but if you don't want to you can just leave it as is. for a more rugged look.


here is the finish product. 

i'll post some pictures when i wear this :) 

i hope you got an idea on what to do with jeans that you don't want to wear anymore. 

if you like you can look for more ideas in youtube. here are some links 

(ps. i don't own any of those channels.)

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