Sunday, July 1


Last summer, eyelet dresses, skirts and tops were seen everywhere. And why not? It's the perfect summer attire – clean, light, airy and comfortable. It allows you to be casual without looking completely underdressed and totally prepared for whatever a summer day may bring – a pool party, spur of the moment barbeque, a picnic.
or for attending church. :) 

last night [although rain is falling and winds are rising] i decided to wear my new eyelet top to church. :) it looked casual, yes but it still gave me a touch of elegance and dainty-ness. 

i paired it with a dark blue skinny jeans and flats :)

plus wearing gold colored accessories will make it a little bit more classy. 

this is a close up of my earrings. 
from 3K Fashion. :) please click on the link and visit their site! you'll find a lot of goodies! :)

TIP: if you're goin' to wear eyelets or other clothes that is see-through, try putting on undies that are skin-toned. :) but if you like to wear bright colored undies then you can do it as well. :)

uhhh...forgive me for the poor quality of the photos. :P hehe i'm still saving up for a new camera. 

thanks for reading!! :)


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