Monday, October 29

there's something about the color blue these days..☺

hello again. :)

its my third post for today. sorry. :) but i really had so much to tell you guys. 

its been a while since my last ukay-ukay haul. soooo...i'm just excited to say that i'm still doing that in my spare time. 

i went to this ukay store just here in Bangkal. just in case you're interested its front of the 7-11 at Alejandrino St.'s what i got. :)
 everything under the shades of blue. it was quite easy to figure out why i got attracted to these clothes. i felt an overwhelming feeling of calmness, coolness with a little bit of rest. perfect. :)

can't wait to sport them out with grandma's pearls. :)

are you a fan of blues too? :)


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