Thursday, July 26

help? F21. :)

hello guys! :)

yesterday evening i met my mama and my brother in SM Makati for a quick dinner at Shakey's and more window shopping (as i thought) 

however i could not resist going into FOREVER 21 since they were on sale. haha!

i tried out what i needed the most: JEANS! i'm a fan of really comfy and fitting jeans. i loved my SM brand Mudd skinnies but it seemed that it has disappeared under my radar. :( saaaadd..

it's actually my first time to buy clothes from F21 :) although my mom bought me my first boots from the store. yup. call me cheap but it seemed that my budget as a student wouldn't go far in that store (SAVE ME UKAY!) haha.

taking the advantage of a sale and i though getting 555 php for a pair of jeans is a bargain. :) here's a picture of it:

again, love dark denim. :)

oh, and the top was chosen by mama :)) haha she asked me to try it out. mama's taste was really opposite from mine but remember the saying: "mother knows best?" she's right on this one. i loved it!♥'s my problem..what to pair my new top with. :)) hahaha. can you guys suggest any way of how to wear this kind of top? 

i can visualize wearing it something with a skirt or shorts but your opinions are always welcome! just comment below. 

thank you! :)

shine babies! :)


  1. kimpoila..poila..poila try with high waisted skirt ....

  2. Just don't wear it in places where there are a lot of people -- men in particular. You know them.