Tuesday, August 21

make a little room for IMPROVEMENT. :)

exam week is coming up. err...3 major exams in 3 days. talk about burning my neurons to the limit. *sigh. as a student we can do nothing but comply to these rules. i'm quite done for microbiology but pharma and pathology seemed light years away! but...i live by the rules, God has His reasons why things happen. so have a little faith. :) everything will be according to His plan. Amen.
yesterday was a blessing of rest and quality time with my mom and 2 titas from Bulacan. i got one day in this 4 day vacation devoted to one of my favorite thing to do in the world and that was DIGGIN' :)

i know that i have already established that most of my clothes come from these kind of thrift stores and i have proved that you can actually find very good items in one store alone through blogging. 

little did i know that my relatives are reading the blog and are kinda interested in diggin' as well, so they came all the way from Bulacan (a province north of manila) just to visit the ukay stores in Pasay to look for outfits including bags and shoes! funny to some but pretty wise decision for me. :) 

again, if there is a Sale in an ukay store 100pesos is enough to get a complete outfit. :)

here's some proof:

this was taken in a fitting room in one of the stores in pasay. hehe. just so you know :P
  • i found this oxblood lace skirt- for 50php
  • a white top- 50php
  • leggings and flats are mine :))

a Giordano, sleeveless top for 55php

laced-racer back top = 55php

this one is only for 20php :))

pants for 35php

striped skirt for 20php

a Wenko cardigan for 50php

and i also bought a pair of suede boots (thanks to mama!) and a cute chambray flats. :) 

me: busy admiring these. got it for 180 php :)

so that's it. :) writing for this blog and finding out many of you liked it makes me really happy.  and i will strive more in order to improve this blog. :) *promise! i just wanna say:



  1. i'm surprised, you buy thrifted things too:) bet ko yan:) magukay tayo minsan:) hihi:)

    1. oo naman :) haha almost all of the fab things that i find are from ukay. :) may blogger ka? follow kita haha :)