Thursday, November 15

prints on sale! :))


today A and me with a couple of good friends celebrated our 27th month together.♥ yey! another good thing about this day was i got an UKAY blog for you guys!

it was really random...i wanted to look at some ukay stores in Pasay but we were currently in Manila. luckily we passed by Central Station. there in the midst of the crowd stand a humble ukay-ukay. another good thing was THEY WERE ON SALE. :) 

when i was looking at these i realized i haven't got or i have a few floral or paisley patterns on my clothing. i often have those solid dark colored shirts, cardigans and blouses. since i'm feeling kinda girly are the few items i got: 

a pretty beige blouse with floral pattern and pearl buttons (55php)
paisley satin blouse (55php)
acid wash high waist-ed shorts (65php) 
okay this last piece is kind of a wild card. i have never tried printed leg wear or leggings before because they would absolutely make my bottom half a little bigger BUT i could still make it work. :P if not...WHO WANTS THEM? haha

 had a really nice day. lunch with A's chorale-mates, dinner with our two closest friends. :) and a long walk home. loved every minute of it!♥
i hope you guys had a nice Wednesday!


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