Sunday, August 19

diggin' finds: the accumulation. :)

hello! :)

its been a month and surely i did some diggin' but was unable to post them here. sorry. 

if you guys are still looking for reasons to dig, well i have 3 new reasons:

  1. Amparo's RTW- has started segregating their authentic branded clothes from the rest. it was really convenient because if you're a type of gal who loves ZARA, MISS SIXTY, H&M, BURBERRY, A/X, ESPRIT (just some of the brands available) then this store is just for you! plus the branded clothes are really in good condition. if you're to visit the store then these brands are on pink hangers. :)
  2. SALE! SALE! SALE!- everything and EVERY STORE in Libertad, Pasay was on sale! from shoes to bags, tops, jackets, dresses. you have a wide variety to choose from. last friday my mom bought like a whole new wardrobe. :))
  3. FOR LESS- as i've always said. your moolah will go a long way in these kind of stores. :)'s what i've bought from July-August. :)

idk the brand but it shinny and i love it. :)

club monaco cardigan :)

H&M cardigan.

a boyfriend blazer in beige
baby pink raglan sleeved top. from a Korean brand

Korean brand The Neal Laced top
here's an aqua blue knitted sweater :) i've paired ot with my fave dark blue skinny and black monobo flats.

for me its not about how much the clothes cost or where were they bought, if wearing them makes you happy and confident then GO flaunt it. 

fashion is a reflection of your personality. like you, its unique and beautiful. :)express it and inspire others to do so. :)


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