Monday, March 25

color obsession: MINT


good morning everyone! its almost 3 am here and i'm still drinking a glass of cold soda while my vocal chords are in total recoil. yes. i did (again) over used my voice and now nothing is coming out. :P
you might say stop! but really i can't help it. the temperature here has totally reached the "summer heat wave"   criteria of my heat tolerance. meaning SUMMER is HERE!

when i think of summer outfits i could immediately imagine me in dresses, tank tops and shorts. :) cotton and eyelets are my
 best friends. its this time of the year when we can explore new vibrant colors! 

for this season, i have developed a crush on MINT! :)  so when i went out shopping yesterday @ SM Makati, department store. i got 2 dresses of the same color! 
here are they! :)

this is the 1st one from Betty. :)
what i love about this dress is the cut outs on the neck. and the material is light and breezy! perfect for a hot summer day.

this next one was serendipity!
from Apple & Eve.
i was just passing by the endless rows of clothes and this one completed my check list of a vintage dress i have always loved!

aside from these dresses i have also tried on these other 2 below but i opted not to get them because i'm not comfortable wearing those and i only love a part of it and hated the other. haha!

this one i love because of the print but the shoulder area is way too busy for my frame, this makes me more broader. :(

love the skirt! but i didn't agree with the top too much, and the skirt is too short!

what's your color crush? :) let me know!

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