Sunday, March 31

A&K @ the ilang-ilang cafe.♥


here is another entry about me and A eating. :P hahahaha! we really love to eat, as you can see in my previous entries that most of the things we do together (aside from taking photos of each other) is eat in different restaurants and food hubs.

last saturday, we ventured all the way to the Manila Hotel to eat at the Ilang-ilang Cafe. :) i haven't read any reviews nor blogs about it so i really didn't know what to expect. plus this entry is not about critique. its just a simple write up from a foodie like me!

we arrived at the hotel at around a quarter pass 11. the cafe opens at 11:30 for lunch. so we took the extra time in looking around the lobby. A told me about the Roma Salon that served as their holding area when they performed at the same hotel last december. 

the lobby feels really Pinoy. :) it is filled with four enormous capiz chandeliers and smaller versions of it in the sitting area. we also loved the uniforms of the employees, yellows and blues. perfect hues during the summer!

it was time to eat! we entered the cafe and were assisted to our seats. it only took us about 5 minutes to get our selves ready! :)))) of course we started with a prayer. and then *BOOM! headed on to the different buffet stations!

our seats! :)

there was a wide variety of choices! middle eastern, chinese, korean, itaian, french, and filipino cuisines! 

lechon and peking duck! *yum!

one of the biggest chocolate fountain that i have ever seen, plus the OMG delicious breads!

let's not elaborate...DESSERTS are ♥.

A spotted! :)


TOP- sailboat and anchor printed white polo from ukay
BOTTOM- blue high waist pants from SM
SHOES- Sperry Top-Siders
ACCESSORIES- belt gift from ate jhing
Goody hair elastics hahaha that i consider as an accessory!

we spent almost 2 hours eating and enjoying ourselves in each other's company when we spotted CARDINAL CHITO TAGLE!!!! :)
and to put the cherry on to of it all, we got the chance to kiss the hand of our beloved cardinal and exchange a couple of words. 

we have no picture to prove it because the cardinal was still in the middle of his lunch...our intrusion has already too much. :)

this experience with A was a sure delight! i can't wait for the next eating trip with him. :)

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