Friday, March 15

china! china! *boom! *boom! *boom!


when i was a kid my lolo and lola used to tell me stories about their famous hang outs when they were in their prime. they would narrate the story so vividly that i though i was with them all the time! 
their ultimate favorite was China Town in Binondo. :) 
my lola (grandma) is partly Chinese while my lolo loves Chinese cuisine so i could definitely conclude that they spent hours walking, shopping and getting lost in the busy streets of China Town. 
and when we were born, we spent gatherings in authentic Chinese restos in the same area.
last monday, my aunt and i went to Manila to buy stuff for my lolo. we decided to drop by Binondo to shop and eat miryenda plus meeting A halfway. 

we 1st entered Sta. Cruz church and prayed for the Papal Conclave. :) this church was one of the earliest buildings found in Manila, right now it is undergoing renovation. 

then we walked from Sta. Cruz to Binondo a couple of blocks away. we visited one of our favorite shops, SHIN TON YON. this is located along Salazar St. just in case you guys wanna visit here the next time. :)
i took the liberty of snapping some pictures of the delicacies they are selling. :)

the top photo: these are different kinds of Kikyam that they are selling. i believe that this store also makes those. we often buy pork kikyam but the varieties ranges from chicken kikyam to a seafood one. 
the bottom photo: these are a wide variants of viands that they cater. they have veggies, beef, pork, chicken and seafood balls.
that's not the only thing they are selling...they have their own cured meat and sausages.
what gave me the goosebumps are these!!!!

according to the expert, who is by the way my grandfather, these are octopuses. STUFFED octopuses. don't ask me what they taste like 'coz i haven't tried them before. maybe next time i will.

along Ongpin St., we bought fresh vegetables from side walk vendors. the vegetables here are green, crisp and did i mention cheap? haha. perfect for a seafood hotpot! the sidewalks are also filled with vendors selling rare dried fish! 

finally, eating miryenda at ENG BEE TIN. :) a small fast food stall that is budget friendly! value meals starts from 65php-95php. specialty soups are from 130-250php. 
my taste buds are  enticed with that bona fide Chinese authenticity zing. two thumbs up!

one afternoon isn't enough to scurry the streets of China Town. we have only been on 2 streets but we did a lot, imagine going to more! maybe next time i'll feature Alonzo St. home to the famous noodle place, LING NAM. :) 
wherever food is; we came, we saw and we conquer! 

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