Tuesday, March 5

Sperry Exchange!☺

-Imelda Marcos

just a little humor from our past first lady. *laugh. 
every girl loves buying shoes. some of us have more than a dozen pair and come in all different styles and heights perfect for any occasion but is it safe to say that its also a dream for them to buy an exact same shoe for the boy she love?☺ soo..okay..here i am again turning into a big cheese ball. really? i can't help it!

 last december, A and i have been planning and saving up for our next couple shoes. yes. we already have our first pair which are class A Toms from Divisoria my mom got us for his birthday. we both wanted Sperry top-siders and both know that as students these cost a LOT! haha. however if there's a WILL of course there is also a WAY.
here are some of my tips in saving up. :)
  1. FOCUS- you need all of your mind and will power to focus on what you are saving up on. an example would be the things that you want but can't ask your loving parents for it because its really not a necessity and costs way too much. like A and me, we saved up on those above. :)
  2. HOLD BACK- i know sales and bargains are very tempting! but if you really wanted those pair of brand new heels or a barkada trip to Bora then you have to control your spending! its hard really at first but once you've started to control and focus on what's your goal then probably you'll get what you've saved for.
  3. SET A DATE FOR IT- in our case the top-siders were our Christmas gifts for each other, we had a lot of time to save up on it. :) 
  4. GET A PART TIME JOB- i know this maybe hard for full-time students but if you have the time and motivation to grab a summer job then it will help you get additional money. i am just lucky to be offered a wonderful job as an events manager and A (with the help of his vocal chords) was able to perform in hotels and parties with his choralemates.
  5. GET A PIGGY BANK- this is just a suggestion because it worked for us. :) a have 2 big froggy money-savers that i got from my aunt, what i did was seal the bottom so that i won't be tempted to make dukot! hahaha! i will deposit paper bills only on one and coins on the other frog. by the time i got to open those frogs i had more money than i could ever ask for! 
these are mere suggestions and things that i really did in order to get A those Sperrys. it really did worked for me and him. :) saving up is also a big way to help mom and dad. you won't have to ask them money every time you're going to hang out with your friends or out shopping!
you can even get your loved one presents for their birthdays and Christmas.
just a thought.☺♫♥
spend your money wisely!

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