Monday, April 1

Easter @ chili's.☺

hello everyone and welcome april!
can you feel the heat? yes. all the 32 degrees of it! 
its time again to tickle your senses. :)

yesterday, we celebrated Easter at Chili's in Greenbelt 5, if i could remember correctly, the last time i ate there was during the "Avengers" season. and now i'm back with the boys and Tita Olga.

i love absolutely every dish plus kudos to their service!!! we were totally blown off by their super fast and very friendly attendants. the food was served just a couple of minutes after we ordered, no need for follow-ups. glasses were refilled with lemonade as fast as we gulped it down. i mean, really, amazing service! 

the food was OMG-ness good! i keep on saying this that i love food but the dishes here are very very good. one of the other things i love about this place was the free refills of nacho chips! haha! 

here are some photos of the things we ordered. :)

left: free nacho chips and salsa
right: skillet quezo 

triple dipper, which are buffalo wings, egg rolls (must try!), and chicken fingers. these are served with 3 kinds of dips. hence the name. :)

these are 2 kinds of burgers that the boys ordered. :) forgot the whole name. but i believe one is burger with bacon and the other one was burger with mushroom sauce. 

a slab of baby back ribs! :) ohhhh...yummy!

featuring one of my favorites! pesto cilantro shrimp pasta. :) i'm a happy kid. i love pesto and cilantro and shrimp individually as ingredients but i never thought of combining those 3 ingredients to make one hell of a pasta dish. i'll make sure i'll eat this again!♥☺  

Kai ordered fajitas. :)

for dessert Marlon chose, molten chocolate cake. :) 

the boys with tita gay :)

Ken and Me

ken's series of burger biting events. :) i believed he enjoyed it.

visit Chili's @ GB5 next time your family dines out. the dishes are big and good enough for sharing. 
that's it! have a happy lunch!

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