Wednesday, March 13

5thingsi♥: Mark & Irene's Wedding


just had a very nice and beautiful wedding last saturday. the couple's names were 
Mark & Irene. :) 
here are the things that i love during their wedding!
hope you could find inspiration in them for your big day!

  1. THE GOWN! by Ms. Gretchen Pitchay- omg. the gown is just to die for. promise! its simplicity is equal to perfection! :) its skirt is (i think) an A line and the bodice is ordained with beads and pearls. i love it because of the meekness and simplicity of it. partnered with Irene's birdcage veil instead of the usual long veil gives this look a chic vintage feel. 
  2. THE WEDDING BANDS AND ENGAGEMENT RING- again, i love this couple because of their understated elegance. :) nothing too flashy or over the top. really simply perfect.
  3. THE COLOR SCHEME- its pink, gray, and white! love it! :)

   4. K BY CUNANAN CATERING- never fails to impress! from the table set up and especially the food! :) notable for that night's delicious meal was the prawns, bbq salad, and the dessert choices!
   5. THE VOWS- will post their SDE by Wang soon :) you'll know why.♥

thanks for reading!

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