Friday, March 1

seasons of love!♥


1st day of March! oh yeah! February passed by in a *click! as well as the cool breeze and chilly mornings but hello to the summer heat and more sun baby! who's super excited for summer? haha i know all of you guys still stuck in school are! 

before we head on to another amazing month, lemme just share these photos from i've created through Photoshop. forgive me masters of CS5! i know my skills are in a super novice state but i'm still learning. :) these are just little labors of love for two of my most beloved friends who are expecting a little bundle of joy named, Gab.☺

these are collections of quotes and Biblical scriptures about the wonders of being a mother. i believe it is a perfect gift for a baby shower. :) 


feel free to copy and print these cards. i don't really mind. its for me to share! i hope moms and expecting moms could be given this kind of a reward. honor their motherhood. its not easy to become one. 
just like our Virgin Mother of God, Mama Mary, all sorts of experiences of both joy and pain are up for her, but she never gave up because she knew that a child was a precious gift from God.☺and to see that life, that child grow up and harvest the fruits of her hard labors is a most wondrous sight.

i salute my mom and all the other mothers out there!♥
for our ate Joyce, we are so excited for baby Gab! may God bless you and kuya Uly as you guys embark on  another journey together as parents. i can be a nanny! :) haha. 


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