Monday, April 29

GIFT IDEAS: A's Gift Box.☺

hello everyone!

have you guys ever came to a point when you just don't know what to give that special someone on their special day, uhhh...say like a birthday? anniversary? even Christmas? i've often experience situations like this because i really do give gifts, either hand-made or bought, to people i consider special to me. :) i just love that feeling of searching for "that is the ONE" for him/her. plus its better to give than to receive. :)

these past few days, knowing that A's graduation is fast approaching, i had the same dilemma i was mentioning above. i have been searching in Pinterest, Tumblr and other blogs for their suggestion on what to give him, a boyfriend who is an IT major, loves music and a fan of magic tricks.

 their suggestions are really good and varied but it just that i've already done it or it just impossible for me to give him an electronic gadget. :)))) hahaha. i know i wanted my gift to be special and be the best but i am in a budget constraint here people so a Mac/Beats by Dre are totally outrageous!

so i stopped my searching and focused on something that really matters, his FUTURE. a graduation signifies a new stage in life A will soon be facing and i think one of the best ways to show him that i support his development is to give him some things that will help him go ease into the transition of a school boy into a young professional. i also considered that he'll be visiting the isle of Boracay in May.

i devised A's GIFT BOX.☺

  1.  2 Beach Shorts- from the Landmark. :) one for his Puerto Galera trip and one for his Bora trip. these are colorful and versatile shorts that he can use not only in the beach but also for walking and church practices.
  2. 1 White Muscle Tee- also for his beach trips. this is made from cotton so it'll be light-weight and easy to carry.
  3. 1 Baleno Undershirt (muscle tee)- Kai (my brother) choose this for A. :) happy to help he is!
  4. 1 Basic Tie- for future job interviews or jobs.
  5. 6 White Handkerchiefs.
  6. 1 Basic Black Leather Belt
  7. 3 Pairs of Black Socks

it may not be much but i think these things are things that he will need when he finds work in any company. :) the important thing is he loved it.♥ since i mentioned that he loves magic tricks especially card tricks my aunt surprised him with a limited edition Bicycle Ghost Deck. :)

another treat for him is the IRON MAN 3 movie!!! yey for Tony Stark!☺☺☺

overall i'd say his day was really special and blessed. for he is also a blessing to his family and also to me. again good job A!☺ you deserve the best of every thing!

giving a gift doesn't really need to be expensive and over the top, simple stuffs such as these can make one person feel special because you remembered him/her and his/her needs. and as always its the thought that counts.