Wednesday, April 10

spark it up!☼♥☺

hello everyone!

lately, i have friends who are affirming my blog and my posts. :) as the creator/author of Kimpoy's Notes i felt really blessed that my entries were a source of joy and inspiration to them to make blogs of their own! not only that writing is a way of expressing yourself but its also a way (for me) to touch their lives.

but there's this inevitable question of "HOW DID YOU START BLOGGING?" i am not a popular blogger here in the Philippines nor an expert journalist, all i can share with you guys are the things i did when i started blogging.

Multiply was the first site where i encounter the word "blog". i am clueless about what's supposed to go in that particular tab since i was internet illiterate until the end of my fourth year in high school. so what did i do? ANALYZE. i defined the term first then started searching for blogs online. there i found that blogging is like an online journal where any thoughts, emotions can be published for the public eye to read, even criticize, and of course solicit subjective information about a certain topic of interest.

i was never a stranger in writing. :) i have been member of journalism classes since i was in elementary until after i finished college. it just came to me naturally and brought me awards and recognition. these honors and experiences made me think that i could write a blog of my own. 


1. before anything else...i thought about the things i'm passionate enough to write about. well for me...its my PERSONAL LIFE and every thing in in are the things i love! 
-my love for clothes, shopping and UKAY.
-food i eat, restos where we've eaten.
-places i visit.
-people that i love.

just every thing that makes my life really really vibrant! yours can be short stories, poems, or news! it can be your photoshop projects or an online portfolio. or business advertisements! possibilities are endless!

2. next things that i considered were the AUDIENCE. who are the people who's interested in visiting my site? what age group do they belong? are they mostly male or female? so writing would be focused on OUR SAME interests and wouldn't be patches of this and that. this i find helpful in searching for certain topics like DIYs, fashion, food, travel, reviews, and of course personals.

and of course the MEDIUM/LANGUAGE of choice. using English would probably be more acceptable than my native Tagalog for me to connect with international readers. if ever i used a Filipino term it will be italicized and translated into english. 

3. after those 3 were settled i opt to find which BLOGGING SITES would be best to host my blog. you could chose from a variety of blog hosts. i just happen to use Blogger which is really easy to use and maintain but you could try Wordpress or Tumblr.

you could even search for reviews in which of those top sites are better to use. those reviews will give you pointers in which one to chose and some would even break down each and every detail for your convenience! well that's helpful and informative! 

4. let's say you've chosen a blog host then its time to CREATE the account/blog! :) of course after you've chosen what is/are the things you love to write and share about. 

for example. like mine. my title pertains to my love of NOTE TAKING. and this is MY own blog so i used my nickname. tadah! kimpoy's notes was created. hmmm...not really dramatic right? i never really put hard effort in my blog's title. but it is what it is, its ME. :)

5. START BLOGGING!☺ my advise in the first entry is to introduce yourself and what your blog is about in order for people to know what to expect from you.

another one is to "THINK BEFORE YOU CLICK." 

remember that a blog is made for the public to see. and when i mean public i mean a whole world of a billion people who can read and perceive "what kind of a person you are" just by reading your blog entries. they might not know you personally but they can scrutinize and assume that you're this kind of person based on the topics you write about or your moods and tone implied on the write up. 

its real difficult to explain that last point but i know you guys get me. :) don't get me wrong people! i'm not saying that you should pretend to be someone else by blogging, i'm just encouraging inspirational and interesting topics that will bring entertainment and happiness to the person reading it and not the opposite.

i hope these tips that i shared based on my experiences could help anyone who would want to start a blog in the near future.☺ and please ask me more questions if you want, i'll make sure to answer them in a post or message.
goodnight everyone!

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