Sunday, April 28

summer pastels and cut-outs.♥


time for another "outfit of the day" post.☺ its been so long! i know. hehehe. 
this is my simple, dainty ensemble yesterday at A's celebration.

dress- i got this from SM, a brand called Betty. :) the fabric is airy and light. perfect for summer. plus the cut outs are really cute. time to show some skin in a very delicate and subtle way. :) i love the paint splash print on the fabric. 

shoes- these i got from Ukay. yey for ukay! :))) these are super cute pastle mary janes! these compliments the color of the dress with out taking too much attention. i believe these are 2.5 inches of sturdy heels. 
these are my 3rd pair of shoes i got from ukay. :) will post about the next two someday.
these costs about 400php.

bag- i got this over 2 years ago and i almost forgot about it! hahaha. i got this again from SM Accessories for only 150php. its on sale. :) the lace detail is very feminine and adds formality on the look.

accessories- i just wore dainty studs from F21, and brought with me a white shimmery cardigan (for the movies)

love this photo of us.♥

alright..that's all about it. thanks for dropping by!

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