Sunday, April 7

color obsession: LILAC

hello everyone!

i'm a sucker for pastels. :) especially this time of my life wherein i'm experimenting with colors other than blacks, navy and neutrals. these shades makes me think of colorful Easter eggs and yummy French macaroons! lovely colors.♥

pastels are not just for clothes, its summer time here and these can be a part of a wedding's color palette!

last Thursday i met a really tender-hearted couple, Mel & Arlene. their color of choice was LILACs and PURPLEs which completely tickled me pink! 

 starting from the flowers made by Vatel Manila which are always divine!
i believe these are in shades of lilacs, baby blues, baby pinks and a dash of magenta. 

next are these wedding details:
the bible, invites, bowties and ties, even the cake!

just wait and see these creations from etc: handmade goodness! from the well thought of pillows for the rings and arrhae and the super dainty boutonnieres! 

this wedding incorporated lilacs and other shades of purple tastefully! resulting in another color crush of mine!☺
have a great day!

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