Thursday, April 25

YC Goes to FEU-Manila & WOF.☺

hello everyone!

here's another issue of YC Goes to... i know its been a while since my last post. i've been doing a lot of cooking and household chores this summer. although that's not my idea of spending the rest of the season i did learn a lot from these experiences. :) let's get on with my newest blog entry. 

a few weeks ago....

"Guys...wait lang. Pwedeng pa-help?" asked our future attorney, Sarah, during one of the OLFP Youth Choir practice sessions. she needed a choir to sing for the baccalaureate  mass of FEU-Institute of Law, where she is the VP of their student council. this sounded really great for us since the last time we were invited out was last December in Camp Crame. a few of us said a big "YES" while the others were held back because of other engagements like work. 

it was a mixture of laughs and nerves as we travel via LRT1 to the university. we talked, teased and tattled. thinking how would we perform and who will play the guitar and the piano. its a bonding moment for the rest of us who couldn't spend a lot of time together and wanted to make the best out of that day.

we attended the mass and listened to the wise words the priest said to our future lawyers. i remembered that he said that these lawyers should serve the people and use their intellect to uphold and ameliorate the way of living of the countrymen.
(perfect sermon for the coming elections! i'm just sayin' :))

after the mass we went sight seeing. :) haha! one of my favorite parts of the day. and met up the rest of the council of IL. when lunch was served we gobbled the KFC chicken like cavemen! :))

here are a few shots while we were in FEU.

 the chapel. :) i loved the murals depicting the Passion of our Lord!

smiles! :)

more fun ahead as Sarah and I decided to treat the kids (and kids at heart) to the World of Fun! this time i discovered that Monique, one of our altos, would make an excellent basketball shooter! beat that boys! haha! the whole afternoon was well played-out. by the time we were about to go home, we were all exhausted! playing almost 2 dozen games of basketball shooting and "the crane" but in the end all we got was bag full of Potchi!☺

the YC (from left to right):
Red, Monique, Jerommel, Luis, Aljon & A. :)

buying tickets! :)

playing the game!!!

thanks guys for this wonderful day! i hope we could have lots of it in the future!☺☺☺

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