Thursday, May 2

Mañanita for Tita Violeta.☺♥

hello everyone! :)

1st things first, anyone knows what the title means? 

Mañanita, according to Wiki, is actually a traditional song that is supposed to be sung before eating the birthday cake (mexican version of the "happy birthday song") and a very special way of serenading women on their birthdays. 

here in the Philippines, this is also a very popular tradition that is done on the eve of someone's special day, in most cases of my experience. :)

and on the eve of the 1st day of May, we serenaded one special tita of ours in welcoming her 6oth birthday. 
tita Violy is one of our ates mom, whom we love dearly.♥  she is spunky and groovy, encouraging the group to serve the church, and setting as an example as a loyal follower of our Lord. not to mention she is also a very techie woman, who loves surfing the net and updating her FB. :) we really appreciate her comments and posts every time we check our sites. she our constant reminder that if you put enough effort and interest in what you do, you could accomplish anything.

Ate JM, her only daughter, thought of showing how significant tita is to her and us and so she connived with A and the rest of the gang into performing 2 of the famous Abba songs, Mamma Mia and Dancing Queen, plus the *ten-te-nen-ne-nen HAPPY BIRTHDAY song to surprise the unsuspecting tita Violy. :)) 

Kai presenting tita V with the "violet" purity cake. :)) love the story of this so called purity cake!!! ate JM and i had a History 101 lesson because of this!

Tita V, teary eyed, saying, "how sweet of you guys!!!!" all for you tita.☺ while this was taken, tita was really bothered coz she had no LIPSTICK on! hahaha! that remark brought the house down! :)) no need for make up tita, you're beautiful!

happy birthday!☺♥
the surprise ain't over yet, for ate JM had another one. :)

she gave her mom a brand new camera! :) tita loved the color and the animal-printed pouch that comes along with it. :)

this was all for her happiness. :) thank you ate JM and kuya Bry for inviting us to be a part of tita's mañanita and to witness the love that you have for her.♥ i hope to share more of these moments with you guys! 

with that i would like to leave a quote from Thomas Jefferson.

"I believe that every human mind feels pleasure in doing good to another."


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