Sunday, July 15

last month before the 2nd :)

Faith makes all things possible.

Love makes them easy.

hello again guys! 

july 14 was a special day for me and A 'coz its our 23rd month of officially being boyfriend and girlfriend. YEY! :)) hahaha. really, for me every month that we had together was a blessing and now we are nearly on our 2nd year. 

celebrating our months together doesn't mean we're spending a lot of money. i enjoy the dates we have in SM Manila wearing our uniforms carrying heavy bags and holding each other's hands, eating our favorite pizzas and trying out different restaurants every now and then, talking about our future plans over and over again, and i loveeeee the long walks home. =)

since i will be going on a wedding job on the day itself (july 14) we decided to celebrate it on the eve of the day right after our Youth Choir practice. :) at first i was hoping to get milk teas or Starbucks but we felt really hungry and decided to order food from L.A., a local and quite famous bar here in Bangkal. the food there is delish! simple yet satisfying. 

so with Marlon, Epoy and Angeli (A's sister) we ordered: 

  1. Crazy, Crispy, HAPPY Potatoes
  2. Crispy Tenga
  3. Crispy Talong
  4. Fried Sausage
  5. 8 cups of rice
then we headed for A's place to devour the meal. all of us we're happily eating and conversing at the same time. its good to have friends while you're celebrating something because they'll be there to make you laugh an extra HA-HA. :)

live. laugh. love! :) happy 23rd month to us A!!! <3

special thanks to Marlon for the photos baby! :) love you!


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