Saturday, July 21

the star of the sea. :)

yesterday was ate M's birthday :) she's one of my classmates and close friends in med school. =) she is like an older sister who always encourages me when i feel blue specially if i did bad in exams or in my life, she is is a cation. haha. full of positive energy and hope. 

her name (MARIEN) means the star of the sea. the star that shines for everyone who's lost and leads them back to a place of warmth and happiness. just a few minutes with her plus the gang could make you forget test scores in pharmacology. (just sayin' :]) i learned from her that there is always a reason to be happy. 

we, meaning ACOSTA, APOLINAR, CAMATO, DANAO, FELIPE, NAVARRO,VITUG, YAMBAO,  celebrated her day by eating at Wai Ying Fastfood, Binondo, Manila. *yum! eating good food with friends plus constant laughter and endless jokes is one way of ending a very stressful week.

thanks for ate M  for the photos! happy birthday! we hope that you've enjoy the day with us even though heavy rain was pouring :)

here are some photos, enjoy! 
top row: me, micah, sarah, dan
chad, marien, isaac
asado siopao :)
soy chicken mami :)

vegetable dumpling :)
hakaw! my favorite.
here's a photo with Kuya Lawrence :)
oh look, A and Kuya Condi were there too. :) 

everything was delicious! :) authentic Chinese cuisine at an affordable price. not to mention that servings were quite big! :)

thanks for reading!
shine! :)

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