Monday, July 23


have you ever heard of this protein LAMININ? 
-it is a protein that's a part of our cell membranes.
-its function is simple. a "glue" that keeps our cells in place them to function properly.

what's a wonder is its shape. 

it looks like a cross. :) see here...

some say that its a molecular fingerprint of God, some said its just a coincidence, scientists believed that this kind of thinking is a little bit out of the scriptures.

for me, being a Christian, i do believe that this molecular structure is a constant reminder that our Lord Jesus is with us no matter what happens. He [like a glue] will stick to us in good times and specially during bad times. :) He will hold on to us and never let us go. i believe in it. i have faith in Him.

just a thought. :)


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