Tuesday, August 14

what's been cookin'? :)

hello! :) 

its been too long since i've posted some of the food my dad made.

if you guys missed this part of my blog then its your lucky day for i will be unveiling more of daddy leo's delicious home cooked meals. 

DISH no. 1 "Baked Chicken ni Lola Ganda"

-this was my lola ganda's (daddy leo's mom) recipe. 
-it includes baked chicken and macaroni in rich creamy white sauce topped with cheddar cheese. 
-served with toast bread and iced tea.

 DISH no. 2 "Beef Burger and Chef Leo's Salad"

-made from lightly seasoned grounded beef patty.
-for the salad there are lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and sweet corn kernels.
-the salad dressing was from Japan, a savory sesame salad dressing.

(look how happy we are! :))

DISH no. 3 "The Long Awaited Lasagna"

-we have been planning to make this dish for almost a decade. :) now it became a reality.
-its made from lasagna (pasta), layered with red meat sauce, bechamel sauce, and slices of MOZZARELLA cheese! *yahoooo! topped with more mozzarella and baked in the oven.

DISH no. 4 "Nachos"

-this is a simple recipe made from tortillas, chili, onions, pickles, and cheese! :)

DISH no. 5 "Pata-tim" 

-is a delicious meal made from pork hind leg (pata), mushrooms, baby corn, pechay in thick yummy sauce.

DISH no. 6 "Spicy Gambas"

-i was the one who actually made this dish in supervision of my dad. :)
-its made from mainly shrimp and the sweet-spicy gambas sauce.

i hoped you've enjoyed looking at our dishes because these were made from love. :)


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