Friday, August 24

Thursday is DATE night!♥

helloooo!!! :)

one of my favorite part of our relationship is the impulsive "c'mon let's eat here" moments so last thursday, A and i decided to head to Park Square, Makati to have some burger's at Wendy's. :) 

why there? to study after dinner. :) my cousin Zyg told me he has spent 6 hours at that particular Wendy's studying. we went there to give it a try because i had my friday Pathology exams and A has his mid-term programs to be passed, timing was perfect!

however we suddenly experience an appetite for some Japanese food.  

good thingwas just nearby. :)

Just in case you guys haven't heard about them: 

Yoshinoya had been around the Philippines when i was still in grade school (almost 10 or so years ago). They are known for their “beef rice bowl” or gyudon. 

accoriding to Yoshinoya's gyudon is made from a traditional 100 year old recipe and is simmered in a special broth of herbs and spices. that's why its comparable to the Yoshinoya beef rice bowl in Japan! ^-^

living by their motto, "CHEAP, QUICK AND YUMMY," A and i had a sumptuous and filling dinner that was within the budget range of 2 students. :) 

we ordered two of their Jumbo plates: A got Jumbo plate A that's Beef + Chicken Teriyaki while i got C, Beef + Tempura. *yum! plus an order of Grilled Maki and 2 large green teas. 

for dessert @ Wendy's
i got coffee, A got his Kitkat Frostee. :)

smile! :))

  • Bossini purple pull-overs
  • Black leggings from the Landmark
  • Black flats from SM
  • Seiko V Automatic watch
*sigh! at last exams are over (for now) and i couldn't thank the Lord enough for getting me through it all. 

thank you for stopping by and reading! :) come back soon!


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